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  1. diva_uno

    Admin report: Monthly Sales & Tax

    I'm having a small problem with this. I installed it and it's working great. Only thing is I have one order that has its shipping amount in the gift voucher column. All the other shipping charges are in the shipping column. I figured I would turn off Gift Vouchers...but I can't find it to turn it off. It is nowhere in my admin panel. I am using 2.2 - MS2. I have looked through this board for help and none of their suggestions worked because gift vouchers is not in my version of OSC. And I don't have a add_application_top.php file. I have a application_top.php file but Gift Voucher nor GV or anything pertaining to a gift voucher could be found there.
  2. I think I figured it out. Sorry for posting - I though this may have been a bug...but I think I got it working!!! :rolleyes:
  3. I couldn't find that this question has been asked. But I have a product that has 2 attributes - size and color If this product is green and only in sizes of xxl or xxxl and I also have this product in blue in sizes xl, xxl, and xxxl how would I get that to work when I do my stock? And when I do my stock it only allows be to select one attribute and color is not one of them. Actually I had added the attributes for color and size and when I go to stock - it only shows size. If I delete the attributes for size it doesn't show color at all.
  4. diva_uno

    Stock Control System

    QTPro http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,888
  5. diva_uno

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Well 1.59 works great with the fix Mick posted for the rounding. So I guess I'll stick with that. Other than 1.6a being really pretty it didn't work for me. I don't really know php that well...but I couldn't understand why there was a portion of the script that was not fuctioning. Actually 1.6a edit_order.php file had 2 different section one that started: #1 <?php // Version with editable names & price?> - This was the part that was blocked out until it got to this point: #2 <?php // Version without editable names & prices ?> I had blocked out #2 and unblocked #1. That part of the script included the code that Mick described where you change the decimals numbers but when I changed it - it still rounded up the numbers. Now that it's working the way I want it to I'm really loving this contribution. So I think I'm happy with 1.59. I don't need a pretty admin panel...Noone sees it anyhow. :rolleyes:
  6. diva_uno

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I'm guessing Mick K's rounding fix was for 1.59. Because I'm using 1.6a and his suggestion didn't work. So I guess I will delete 1.6a and use 1.59 and try Mick K's suggestion. I'm wondering why this rounding things wasn't fixed in 1.6a. Mick posted the problem Dec. 24th :huh:
  7. diva_uno

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Thought I read everything in this topic but I must have been really tired and missed this. This will solve my problem. Great Contribution :thumbsup:
  8. diva_uno

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Awsome mod! Glad I found it. Easy install. However, I'm having a small problem. When I update the order it rounds out the sub-total. I don't charge tax or anything and my items are priced at $11.99. The order I was trying to edit sub-total is $23.98. And after I click "update" the amount rounds up to $24.00. Any idea why this is happening? I'm using 2.2...
  9. diva_uno

    Randomize Anywhere question

    help please! :shock:
  10. I am trying to use the randomize contribution. The question I have is where do you insert the code? The README file says to make changes at the top of the catalog.php file. Now is this the catalog.php that is located at http://mysite.com/catalog/admin/includes/boxes/ or could this possibly refer to the default.php file? And does at the top mean very top? Or at the top between this or that? The instructions don't give a before or after. Here is a copy of the directions: The last thing said is to upload this wherever you want. But if you are editing a file from a certain folder shouldn't you upload it where it is suppose to go? Or does this refer to an unmentioned randomize.php file that was included in the zip? :?
  11. I think it is very hard to find things in this forum. It is a bit unorganized. Let me offer a little advice to whoever is in charge and then I'll ask my question. There should be a board for completed contributions, a board for contributions people would like to see, a help section for those who need help writing a contribution, and a board for contribution templates and graphics. This will slow down on people posting the same questions that have been asked a thousand times. Anyway...I am just trying to see if there is something created or a way that I can display New Products outside of the catalog. When you go into the catalog there is a box that says "What's New" and there is a picture of the latest product. I would like for that to show up on a different page in my site...mainly the main page. That way if someone is visiting the site they see new product and click on the image and then they are relocated to that item in the catalog. Understood? Hopefully. :wink: I thought that this could just be done by inserting some php into whatever page you wanted this to display in or maybe just using SSI...or maybe not. Anyones help is greatly appreciated.