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  1. chadodes

    Imprint Text Options

    Hello All, New problem, I can now see the customize text option.. I fill it out, hit add to cart.. and in the "What's in my cart" section.. I see the item, but I don't see the imprint text.. The text is written to the DB..and I have replaced my custom shopping_cart.php with the Jack 1.3.5 contrib and still no go.. am I supposed to see the text when I view my cart? or only when I click the item to edit it? I also don't see the imprint text in my invoice or packing slip which are both replaced files.. so I expect something is broken.. I'm just not sure where.. as I have replaced pretty well all files on my site with the contrib one..
  2. chadodes

    Imprint Text Options

    Never mind.. I fixed the error.. I placed one of the denuz file mod's too early in my admin\categories.php I basically searched for "$languages = tep_get_languages();" and placed the denuz text right above it.. little did I know.. that that string repeats its self. Thanks for reading :)
  3. chadodes

    Imprint Text Options

    Hey Guys, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.. I'm using Jack's Contrib 1.3.5 I'm not getting any errors, however I don't see the options to customize the text on the product info page.. I have double checked all my mods.. I even tried replacing my product_info.php I know the admin side is working because i can create a new custom field, and it get's written to the database.. I ran $query="select * from products_text_attributes where products_text_attributes_id = 3"; $result = mysql_query($query); $array=mysql_fetch_assoc($result); print_r($array); and got my: Array ( [products_text_attributes_id] => 3 [products_text_attributes_name] => First Name ) another thing I noticed, is in the admin side, after I put a check mark box beside the text option I want, save, update, and exit, I notice that when I go back in to that item, that the text field items are not showing up as being checked.. they are all defaulted to being unchecked but by new text field item I created is listed at least. The only other contrib that might be getting in the way is the Prod Info (QTPro) (keeps track of stock and allows for product options. my server: PHP Version 5.2.6, MySQL 5.0.67 I'm not running STS.. Ideas?