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    We are changing credit card processors. The name of the new processor is PayPros (paypros.com). Can this payment gateway be configured for osCommerce? If so, where can I find instructions? Thanks in advance!
  2. dlambert

    Shipping Surcharge for Certain Items

    Good question... The base cost of shipping via UPS to most residential customers in this area is $10, so an extra $5 should cover it. However, it's possible that a customer might be 2 or 3 different "surcharge items", or even just multiple quantities of a single such item, and I wouldn't want them to be overcharged for shipping as a result. So I guess what I'm looking for is something that would scan to see if any "surcharge items" were in the cart, and if so, apply a single $5 (or whatever amount my boss chooses) shipping fee in addition to the $5 flat rate charge.
  3. dlambert

    Shipping Surcharge for Certain Items

    Thanks for the quick response, Chris. Would this module require me to enter an amount for every product in the store, or does it assume that an empty field is equal to no extra charge? There are only about 30 products (out of over 800) that need additional charges, and I'd rather not have to go into the other 770 products one by one to enter "0" in that field.
  4. Our store currently uses a flat rate shipping charge of $5 for each order. For most items, this is sufficient, since most are shipped via U.S. Postal Service. However, some of the larger products have to be shipped UPS and therefore cost more. I have searched for a shipping module that will allow me to add a surcharge to specific items (e.g., add $2 to the flat rate of $5 if someone orders a music stand, for a total of $7 shipping); however I have not found a module that does this. Is there one? - Denis