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  1. I am looking for a way to allow customers to load their own advert with text and photos. Anyone know if there is a contribution or method of achieving this? Thanks
  2. I am getting an email from Paypal that a purchase has been made but without any sales details. I was expecting an email from the site providing customer and sales information. Should I be getting an email with full details. If so what do I need to do to activate it. Using ipn module on v2 Thanks for your help
  3. I like the Simple Multiple Images contribution but I am getting a strange problem. When the first image pops up it does so full size then immediately goes to half width. Clicking on the nav button momentarily restores the width before the next image appears in the same way full width and reduces to half width. Tearing my hair out! Please help The config is thus:- TitleValueAction Small Image Width100 Small Image Height125 Heading Image Width57 Heading Image Height70 Subcategory Image Width100 Subcategory Image Height57 Calculate Image Sizetrue Image Requiredtrue Tiny Image Width57 Tiny Image Height70 Additional images per row/column2 Additional Image Formathorizontal Dim background on popuptrue Background luminosity9 Popup images dragablefalse Popup 'swing' effecttrue Show popup navigationtrue Popup navigation positionmiddle You can see this on www.fieryiriedesigns.com
  4. Alive and still kicking not withstanding

  5. I have installed Simple Multi Image Add-on (Un-Limited) with Fancy Popups and very pleased with it. However I get a strange effect in as much that when the image appears it comes up full size and the immediately shrinks to half the width. When I navigate to the next picture I get a brief return to full width then the next image appears full width before it to shrinks to half width. tried re-installing but to no avail. Anyone got an answer???