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  1. hello

    my easypopulate is changing the date format from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy , i believe i have changed all dates to the right format but date added will not change, date published 9its a book site) date available are all loading in dd/mm/yyyy, but not date added. Any suggestions to what i have missed?




  2. I'm confused on the Attributes side.


    How do you manage attributes when it says at the top



    What does EP *NOT* do well?


    So far, EP does not handle attributes well. When viewing product export, it

    may be difficult to understand how it works. As such, I'do not recommend

    that anyone use EP for managing attributes.




    When i download a product, i get a spreadsheet that downloads every attribute in the system, but none are allocated to the product. Is there something that i have done wrong?




  3. Hello

    Wth the TNT Mod , hasd anyone managed to get the sort order to work in checkout.

    Currently it does not have a sort order so you can not sort where the TNT frieght option is displayed in the checkout.

    Have anyone managed to get the sort order to work for this mod? or know what i need to o to get it working?