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  1. optimus_prime

    QuickBooks Contrib

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!! That totally fixed my problem. :D
  2. optimus_prime

    QuickBooks Contrib

    I am having similar issues to everyone else with IIF files that crash Quickbooks when I try to import them. I have seen the posts about looking through the file for something odd or wierd words, but honestly I have no idea what I'm looking at - it's just a bunch of text and spaces and I have no idea where anything belongs. Is there a way to fix this issue at the source? Do I not have the script configured correctly?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, but here is my ordering: Subtotal = 3 Gift Voucher = 5 Coupon = 6 Tax = 9 Shipping = 300 Giftwrap = 400 Total = 800
  4. Hello, I need to know how to make it so that the discount coupon does not apply to the price of giftwrapping. I would just like the discount to only apply to the subtotal price. Any ideas? Currently this is what I'm getting: If you do the math, you'll realize the discount should only be $7.95. But its somehow including the price of the giftwrap before calculating hte discount. It's driving me crazy... any ideas?
  5. optimus_prime

    Advanced Inventory Control

    There are actually a few different ways to do this... There are 2 contributions: One is QTPro which I have not used. There is also Master Products which allows you to have masters and slaves, but its very time consuming to use it and it also does not allow you to create 'product matrixes' rather each individual size and color combination must be entered. I also recently learned of an OSCommerce spinoff called XT-Commerce. It's a spinoff of oscommerce and this one has advanced inventory tracking like what you are looking for. Maybe someone can figure out how they did it and create a mod for OSCommerce? Good luck, inventory tracking seems to be a weakpoint in every ecommerce program I try out...
  6. optimus_prime


    Hey, I was able to get past the redirection to login page error by setting up the SSL. Now, when I press confirm order button, it redirects me to: https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll And in the window it says "This Page Cannot be Found" Does anyone know what this means? I'm pulling my hair out! :(
  7. optimus_prime


    Hello, I have setup my store with Authorize.net. I entered in all of the information and it looks like the whole process of checking out works, but on the final order confirmation page, it takes me back to the login screen instead of showing the last page of the checkout process. Also - the confirmation email does not get sent Does anyone know what is going on? This isn't normal is it?