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    René H4 got a reaction from peterpil19 in Edge VS Frozen   
    I am currently running a Frozen shop, but if Í'd have to start over I'd definetely install Phoenix.
    One more reason to add is that is supports PHP 7.3, which for Frozen this is unknown.
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    René H4 reacted to JcMagpie in Responsive-osCommerce-Admin and Phoenix?   
    Most users I think do not wish to become a slave to a constant upgrade merry go round. As before most will just pick a point in time and install it, make the mods they need to make a usable working live shop and stick with it.
    It's wonderfull news that supporters are getting aditional code and early access to new versons. I'm sure they are very happy with this.
    However I don't see the point of you constantly posting this out side the closed club! It's of no use to anyone who is not part of the closed club. If they are part of the club then they will already know about it. osC forum has never been a place for hard selling! I'm sure people can make desisions without it beeing constantly pushed into their faces.
    This second hand cars sales (chugging) approach is not a nice look for osC  😊 but if that's the route chosen then so be it.
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    René H4 reacted to Dan Cole in database query SQL   
    I would add a "%" to the beginning and end of what you're searching for....ie.
    '%boekje.jpg%' Dan
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    René H4 reacted to Heatherbell in Shopping Cart modules - changes needed   
    Common usage in business emails to save time but not to be used as a rude door slam!
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    René H4 reacted to Heatherbell in Shopping Cart modules - changes needed   
    Sorry, other than changing the width/sort order, don't know how shopowner can change the appearance or behaviour across devices of the product-listing module.
    In the eye of the beholder but I agree with ReneH4 above, the current look is not the best it could be.

    Thinks: If product-listing was not a table and output like this? List on right would shuffle below image in mobile.
    Don't get me wrong, just thoughts, trying to be constructive here, I have no idea what is and what is not possible.
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    René H4 reacted to burt in Phoenix Announcements   
    Thank You to Phoenix Club members for making the hard work much easier.
    If you are not a member of the Phoenix Club, request it - and you'll get to see some of the "behind the scenes" work and help to steer the future releases.
    Demo Site:
    This Update;
    Removes old .css fixes display issues fixes minor code issues Update version to How to Update if on;
    Download this Zip: Unzip it Upload it Go to admin > tools > security checks and correct any listed problems How to Update if on earlier version;
    Find version you are on Go back through this discussion and perform updates to get to Then follow "how to update if on" instructions After Update;
    Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy the hard work that went into - OR -
    You can download and install a brand new;
    clicking the green "clone or download" button at https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix choose "download zip" unzip, upload, install After New Installation is complete;
    Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy the hard work that went into
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    René H4 reacted to Heatherbell in Change look of product listing   
    @René H4
    We used a user.css addition of .img-fluid {max-width: 250px; max-height: 250px;} - change the pixel amount to your own needs - might help, might not!
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    René H4 reacted to burt in Change look of product listing   
    At the moment let's say you install a Phoenix...and you have grid set to X per row. 
    What would happen if you set X to 1 ?
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    René H4 reacted to burt in Change look of product listing   
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    René H4 got a reaction from burt in TinyMCE   
    @puddlecAh, never saw that! It works well, tested it a few times. Thanks again!
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    René H4 reacted to puddlec in TinyMCE   
    this is what i managed to achieve.  With my first attempt at using the hook system
    i'll possibly tidy it up a bit on Sunday. and upload it as an addon
    basically it just works just like the hooks on the shop side.
    works on all category description, and product descriptions  textareas, regardless of how many languages you use.
    in regards to the themes / plugins / toolbar you can just add / remove them as you see fit (the settings you see in the file are the ones i use myself)
    it does with work the tinymce CDN (if you got an API KEY), loading locally, or via another CDN (using an CDNJS just to show it works),  you can use whatever source you want.
    the same basic idea can also be used for ck editor, or any other javascript library you think you may need within the admin.
    tinymce hook.zip
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    René H4 reacted to Heatherbell in TinyMCE   
    Yes, we have it installed - het's goed zo
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    René H4 reacted to Denkster in Phoenix - Dutch Language Set   
    Check this: https://github.com/Denkster/OSCOM-CE-Phoenix_Dutch_language_Nederlandse_taal
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    René H4 got a reaction from ralgiere in easy Populate : error MySql 1064   
    Like @raiwa says : "Otherwise you can post in the commercial support section to find a developer to fix this for you."
    Do you understand what is said here?
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    René H4 got a reaction from burt in Bundled Products   
    Yes, @burt has made a beatifull program here, I use it a lot, I currently have 65 Master/Slave products..... 
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    René H4 got a reaction from fiodh in Fake accounts   
    Would it not be a simple solution to rename create_account.php to something else?
    I know, all the files that call create_account.php should be changed also.
    But if this a real problem, and you will be running your shop for 5-6 years or so, this could be a solution.
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    René H4 reacted to MrPhil in version with php7.2   
    Famous last words. My LP site just got banged when they dropped PHP 5.6 and 7.1 (which I was running on) last night and went to 7.2 ONLY. I just chewed out Support for not only doing this, but failing to notify me about the impending change. Anyway, it looks like getting patches for Frozen to run on 7.2 becomes a high priority, as I don't like simply suppressing "deprecated" warnings.
    Update: It turns out they did send emails headlining "5.6 being withdrawn" and saying that 7.2 would be the default and PHP 7 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Nowhere did they mention that PHP 7.1 was also being withdrawn due to "severe security issues". Is anyone familiar with that? I'm willing to go to 7.2, but really got blindsided by their abrupt removal of 7.1 (which is still a supported version). Is this a real problem, or does this host have their head stuck where the sun don't shine?
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    René H4 reacted to Jack_mcs in No Hooks in Bootstrap?   
    I haven't followed this thread so I'm not sure if it is the hooks that bother you or that the CE version is not the official version. If it is the hooks, then they will still be in the next official version since Harald is the one that initially added them and it is very unlikely, probably impossible, that he would remove them from the next version.
    If it is that the community version isn't the official one, you should understand that whenever an official version is released, it will take quite a while before it is useful. Based on previously released official versions, it would be a good six months before it would be useable as a live shop. So even if an official version was released today, if may not be useable as a live shop before the next Christmas season. So waiting for an official version would hurt your site far more than switching to the CE version and that should be the most important factor to consider, in my opinion.. Just something to think about.
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    René H4 got a reaction from Jack_mcs in domain transfer   
    Jack, I recently learned that your company also hosts websites? Maybe this would be an option for @zpupster ?
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    René H4 reacted to valquiria23 in Support thread for Bootstrap V4 Oscommerce Administration v2.3.4.1 CE   
    I think it would be great to make a package (called frozen 2 or as you like) that has the new admin of @shetch and the Frozen version with its bug fixes so that new users can download them in one place.
    What the community lacks are periodic updates to show that the software is alive.
    I do not know if this is the best place to post it, but the work of @shetchis fantastic, it's the cooler in oscommerce for a long time and it would be great to integrate it into the Frozen package.
    What do you think?
    Best regards.
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    René H4 reacted to burt in Email queuing system   
    Right now I am working on setting up a Cron system for this system.
    Having not really played in-depth with Cron before, it's proving to be a PITA.
    But the system is close to starting the next phase of testing.
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    René H4 reacted to MrPhil in Frozen bug list   
    I have been keeping a patched copy of "Frozen", with much of the bug list applied to it, for my own work with clients. I don't want to get into distributing it (as yet another fork), but I will distribute a consolidated list of patches that I applied to my copy. There are two files:
    Frozen.diff  is Linux "diff" format Frozen.fc is Windows File Compare (fc command) format Both can be found at my site: https://www.catskilltech.com/FreeSW/product/Frozen-patches/title/Frozen+patches/freeSW_full. I thought the patch files were a little large to attach to this forum, especially as they will be replaced from time to time and are not a one-shot deal. It's a command-line utility to run to generate the patches, so it's no big deal to update them.
    I will attempt to keep the list updated as new patches are announced, both in this thread and elsewhere. If you think I've overlooked an important patch, please feel free to bring it to my attention. I may not have put some patches in simply because they were too vaguely stated, or seemed to be too specialized. Also, I only seriously looked at this one thread (there may be other Frozen patches floating around). If you spot an error in how I applied a patch, please let me know!
    The patch files are semi-manually consolidated, and probably won't work if you try to feed them to a patch utility. At the least, you'll have to split them apart with an editor. You can also manually edit the osCommerce files (as well as oscommerce.sql, although it won't update an existing database), using them as instructions. If anyone knows the format for consolidated diff and fc files, so that the whole thing could be fed to a patch utility in one go, without breaking the file apart, please chime in!
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    René H4 reacted to puddlec in Frozen bug list   
    You could of also added the p tag or any other HTML tag, within strip tags like so
    strip_tags($listing['products_description'], '<br><p>')  
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    René H4 got a reaction from burt in Email queuing system   
    Count me in Gary...
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    René H4 reacted to MrPhil in Index new products for March like Wish   
    Agreed. I've been on sites that just keep loading content as I go further and further down the page, and my browser starts responding slower and slower, and eventually may even freeze up or crash because the page is just too damned large. Lazy loading is fine, as long as there is a reasonable limit to page size (requiring pagination to go further). It's best for having screenfuls of content "below the fold" load while you're looking at the page "above the fold", and thus speed up the first appearance of the page. It's wrong to use it to just keep going like some insane Energizer Bunny.