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    Fake accounts

    Hi, In my shop I receive a lot of fake account creations at the moment, around 20 a day. They look like: Loans For Bad Credit Loans For Bad Credit Paydayloan Direct Lender Loans PC RobertNus RobertNusIR Loans Online Loan Cash PC Is there a way to get rid of these creations? It is quite annoying. Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 Regards, Rene
  2. René H4


    Will TinyMCE work on Phoenix? https://apps.oscommerce.com/Fc1HV&advanced-tinymce It looks like an easy change, I would want it in the catagories.php only to make better/nicer looking product descriptions. @burt? Since the admin is not going to change on a short term, I'm looking for a solition like this.
  3. René H4

    Edge VS Frozen

    I am currently running a Frozen shop, but if Í'd have to start over I'd definetely install Phoenix. One more reason to add is that is supports PHP 7.3, which for Frozen this is unknown.
  4. Hi, I am debugging a fault in a script. The script is written for the official version of OSc. I use Frozen, so I think these lines need to be changed? if(!file_exists(DIR_FS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_MODULES .'payment/'. $payment . '.php')) and require_once(DIR_FS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_MODULES .'payment/'. $payment . '.php'); To what exactly? I can't figure out.
  5. René H4

    Change from viariable to fixed pathnames

    Thanks @ecartz will give it a go! Payments are going well, but the conformation messge is not sent out. Your answer definetly puts me in the right direction.
  6. René H4

    Display prices excl VAT

    In my frozen shop i'd like to display the price less VAT just below the price incl VAT. It would need to be in smaller font, between brackets and saying (ex VAT: ****) In the template file for the pricing the following code is included, but I cant figure out how to add this one line showing what I'd like: <h2 class="h3 text-right-not-xs"><?php echo (tep_not_null($specials_price)) ? sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY_SPECIAL, $specials_price, $products_price) : sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY, $products_price); ?></h2> Can anyone help me with this?
  7. @peterpil19, how is the sales in the second hand car business?
  8. Never heard of a message like this. Are "real customers" able to create an account on your site?
  9. René H4

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Sure. It's just the invoice.php file, I have no example (without customer details). Just try.... Mind that I do print on office paper, which makes it look musch better 🙂 invoice.php
  10. René H4

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    I have something similar in HTML, using the standard invoice.php file. But.... I dropped three colums, since they are an overkill of info to the invoice: Price (ex) Price (inc) Total (ex) Also, I have my own office paper, I print on that.
  11. René H4

    database query SQL

    Well, I don't know databases but I am anqiuos to learn..... 🙂 I need to find in which products the string "boekje.jpg" is used in the products description. Is this the correct string to enter in MyPHPAdmin: SELECT * FROM products_description WHERE products_description LIKE 'boekje.jpg';
  12. René H4

    database query SQL

    Thanks Dan I found that. Works well.... Also ready for pasting to Excel, not only Notepad.
  13. René H4

    database query SQL

    Would there be an aesy way to output the results to a .txt file? Edit: I now see I can do a copy to the clipboard.....
  14. René H4

    database query SQL

    Thanks Dan, this probably would have been my next question 🙂
  15. René H4

    Cant access by www.domain.com/admin. Help!

    Is your admin realy called admin?
  16. OK, thanks, never thought of how this worked, but it's a nice to have! I get more mails from customers saying "all OK" then I get reviews for products.
  17. Can testimonials only be entered from the admin? (speaking of Frozen)
  18. René H4

    Current Android Mobile Admin App?

    Do mind that you will need to enter your admin username and password, and that these maybe exposed or compromised. This has withhold me from installing this app.
  19. Maybe this was already discussed. When I display the content of my shoppingcart the icons for refresh and delete quickly move to a spot that sitords the view. (attachement). I know, I use quite long descriptions but this is not nice for the eyes. Also, the image is dropped when the window is the smalles possible. (also on the image). As a matter of fact, I am hoping it gets changed back to how it was in frozen, like two rows and samller icons..... 🙂
  20. I am pretty sure that Gary has removed this from the core.
  21. @JcMagpie Would you happen to know if there is a WYSIWIG editor for creating pages like this? I can read code a bit - I can change it a bit less - but I cannot write it at all..... 🙂 So if you know of an editor that is better that Notepad let us know...
  22. /shopping_cart.php a module? Where can I find that module?
  23. Did you drop the list/grid functionality in categories?
  24. Yes I did. Installed all the SupCo's, and busy installing all 28d19 at the moment (of which a few are obsolete already :-))