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  1. Resuming from this threat to keep the original on-topic:
  2. René H4

    Fake accounts

    Hi, In my shop I receive a lot of fake account creations at the moment, around 20 a day. They look like: Loans For Bad Credit Loans For Bad Credit Paydayloan Direct Lender Loans PC RobertNus RobertNusIR Loans Online Loan Cash PC Is there a way to get rid of these creations? It is quite annoying. Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 Regards, Rene
  3. You have your shop in a subdirectory (/shop). You might want to look if the SSL settings are correct for this.
  4. Probably cache. Clear the cache and you will be allright.
  5. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    I had to change back to the original set-up. My payment module, iDeal by SISOW, stopped sending confirmation messages. Will have to start working on the core file now. Bah.
  6. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    OK I will have to live with that then..... 🙂
  7. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    On second thought: this part is not working, it does not take the language from here but from the standard language file. /templates/gustavo/includes/languages/dutch/modules/notifications/ I double checked the naming and all was OK. So either this does not work for the language file or I am overseeing something.
  8. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    It took a while before I had the first part of your message @Heatherbell to skip the template map. When I did that I had it all working with a small edit for testing. Next is major editing. 🙂 Thanks all!
  9. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    That sounds nice, I will play with this soon. @DivebombInc sorry for hyjacking your topic, but I am sure this is helpfull for you too!
  10. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    @ecartz Matt, the template map I actually meant is: /templates/gustavo/includes/modules/notifications/templates/.. Mind "gustavo".. If that would work, would that also work for language files?
  11. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    That's great! I have a job for this evenring 🙂
  12. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    Would it be possible to copy the file,, put it in the template map and use that one? I also need to work on this file, possibly one of the most dinosaur looks that e-mail message has... 🙂
  13. René H4

    Order Confirmation Email Text

    Download Agent Ransack an look in your backup for the text that you have. Then change it to your needs, and upload the new file after you have backed up your old one.....
  14. René H4

    View Counter

    @mendoh time to donate now.....
  15. Let's discuss UK-based shopowners issues regarding BREXIT here.....
  16. René H4

    How to install SSL on OSC

    I can't see anything too difficult that would not be able to be handled by Phoenix in your shop. (sorry complex sentence) The only thing I see is that customers need to enter their foto-nummer at the moment of ordering. I have not created an account and/or checked out, but I can't imagine that this is só complex it can't be handled by Phoenix. Also: your admin name is admin. Better no and much better not post this on a public forum. Second one in two days..... 🙂 On second thought: login username / see your foto's might be something nasty, but there's allways a developer who can handle this.
  17. René H4

    Edit About Us on OsC Phoenix

    That is in the cm_footer_text.php language file. It's in includes/ languages/ <your language>/ modules/ content/ footer
  18. René H4

    New EU VAT regulations per July 1st 2021

    I have read more into it. The regulation already existed, but Brussels is tightening the thresholds. From july fist 2021, if your sales to other EU countries in total exceeds 10000 Euro's, you have to pay VAT in those countries. Next to the issue is that the shopowner has to pay the VAT either through their local VAT system, or through an own VAT-id in EVERY country that is sold to: there is the fact that the VAT has to be charged in LOCAL VAT percentage. I am selling from the Netherlands, where we have 21% VAT and I have used that for more than 10 years now, for any sale. Now I have to set up ZONE-ing for all percentages that are carried within the EU. Who has dealt with this, and what was the solution?
  19. René H4

    UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount

    If I read the document well, I understand that for larger companies there will hardly be any changes per june 1st. There is a threshold per country at this moment, if your sales to that country are above that the company has to pay VAT in that specific country, even befor june 1st. This threshold is someting like 35000 Euro's at this very moment. As per june 1st, there will be a threshold of 10000 Euro's for orders that ship to all countries together. You can pay the tax at your local TAX organization, by requesting an XXX ( I read the term but I can't find it back) for each country and administer it there. This is how I read it. This would also mean the end of Intracommunautary deleveries?
  20. René H4

    UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount

    Documents like this make me sweat. It's getting very complex. They are killing international trade in this way, and weren't we ( the small businisses) the ones that keep the economy alive? I hate men with suits and ties.
  21. René H4

    UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount

    @BrockleyJohn This is new for me John. I suppose you have figured this out, do you have a reference of documentation? Website or something? I will look for it myself here in the local government websites too.
  22. Let's discuss EU-based shopowners issues regarding BREXIT here..... That's for EU owners selling into the UK.
  23. @gritsop Please resume your discussion here:
  24. René H4

    reset password vulnerability

    I must say that the shop owner or developer that found this issue has very well dugg into the problem! Well done, and thanks @raiwa and @ecartz for developing a solution!