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  1. Now the period of 28d has ended, and all smaller and larger programs have finished, I can highly recommend these products and purchase them from Gary. Not only have I installed around 20 modules ( and added my own child modules that were ideas born from one of the 28d), but also Gary has been very supportive all over the 28 days. So when in doubt, and if you need to see one of his modules in a commercial shop, do not hesitate to contact me and I will direct you to my shop. Again, well done Gary! René from the Netherlands.
  2. Same with me Stephan, I was guessing the demo site is BS4. I run BS3.
  3. René H4

    Email queuing system

    Well done Gary!
  4. The Add-On that you recommend is from 2009 and fits V2.2. I am sure you are aware od this, since it is outdated.
  5. René H4

    credit card skimmers (in JS)

    Since tha fall of the Bitcoin those criminals are running out of money..... 🙂 I am glad my shop does not use CC, however I searched for the string metioned in the article: not found. Thanks for mentioning @MrPhil
  6. René H4

    Email queuing system

    I understand. But since it's an automated system there is no control over the language that is sent out, I suppose. We'll just see how it works.....
  7. René H4

    Email queuing system

    @burt Gary, Will this system recognize the country it's sent to, and therefor set the correct language of the message? Or is another option to make the message bi-langual, so anyone can read it?
  8. René H4

    Best webhost?

    When starting a new shop, based on CE Bootstrap (Frozen), PHP7.2 , which are the best webhosters that are available? I wouldn't mind paying more for optimal support. My native language is Dutch but I can manage Englisch well, Any ideas?
  9. René H4

    Email queuing system

    Looking forward to it Gary! By the way, I just installed the AJAX buy-now add-on, I love it. Next to Budled Products it's #1!
  10. René H4

    Email queuing system

    No we know @Dan Cole's birthday 😂
  11. René H4

    Email queuing system

    Is there a possibility to sent an e-mail to a customer that has logged in, put products in their cart, and left without checking out? That's more-or-less recovered cart sales maybe? Enjoyed the weekend? 🙂
  12. Can't you just delete the order that was the cause of this? Just a thought?
  13. René H4

    Compare my shop with "Frozen"

    Gary helped me out on this, since it went far beyond my skills, and upgraded my shop to Frozen. Well done Gary!
  14. René H4

    Email queuing system

    @14steve14 The shipping moment is crucial here. Sometimes products are not on stock, it does not look proffessional sending out an e-mail requesting feedback (or other) for orders that have not been shipped yet. @burt If this in developement (knowing you it is) it would be nice if the number of days are variables that can be adapted in [admin]....
  15. Tttim, I guess you're in the Netherlands. Maybe you should work out some legal stuff, you have a few failures in your shop. Check: https://www.ikgastarten.nl/mijn-branche/webwinkel/checklist-webshop-starten Regards, Rene (also from NL)