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  1. kgtee, it's a know bug and will be solved in the new version. If you check the core you can see the solution. It's simple. Will check in a minute where it is. Here it is: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/commit/7aa066375b030455032691033fb6eda016cd1ffa HtH
  2. René H4

    Dutch translation osC Phoenix

    One more "Issue" I found is that the headers are coded through the database, not via language files. I changed these to my needs: see attachment.
  3. René H4

    Dutch translation osC Phoenix

    Hi Matt, thanks, that did the trick! 1 step closer now!
  4. René H4

    Dutch translation osC Phoenix

    Hi Matt, your Dutch reading skills are excellent! 🙂 Thanks for getting into this - if it's a specific problem there's one more possible cause I can think of: After the language installation the language if for Dutch was 2 (English=1), I changed that to 4 since that came with other tables in the database (legacy shop). Could that cause the problem?
  5. René H4

    Dutch translation osC Phoenix

    @Fiber Bert, ik wete niet of het aan mijn installatie ligt, maar ik mis met 1079 de invulvelden bij create account. Als je dat kan, wil je dat dan eens bij jouw site nakijken? Dank je!
  6. René H4

    Dutch translation osC Phoenix

    Is de juiste dan wel geupload? Heb nog niet alles bekeken nl.
  7. René H4

    Dutch translation osC Phoenix

    @Fiber Bert, dank voor de vertaal upgrades! Ik heb 1079 zojuist geïnstalleerd. Er zit een klein foutje in waardoor het niet werkt. De directory naam moet languages zijn, de s aan het eind mist in zowel admin als includes.
  8. René H4

    Continue Shopping

    Same here, just installed it on Frozen - wondering why this is not core....?
  9. René H4

    Cloud VPS for OsC

    Is Amazon cosidered a skimmer? I see Amazon's IP a lot, and the session even has a filled shippingbasket... Should I block?
  10. René H4

    Dutch payment module for CE Phoenix

    Waarom zit je trouwens op 1040? En niet op de laatste versie? Zomaar een vraag hoor...
  11. René H4

    Dutch payment module for CE Phoenix

    Piet, gebruiker Denkster op dit forum heeft de intrepetatie voor Phoenix gemaakt. De versie van Sisow ( op de site van Sisow) heeft bugs, ik heb er al diverse uitgehaald. Gebruik die dus niet. Als je Denkster via dit forum contacteerd, kan ze jou wel een update geven denk ik.
  12. René H4

    Dutch payment module for CE Phoenix

    Piedro, #denkster has made the Ideal Module available for Phoenix. It is based on the Sisow service. I have it running on my (Frozen) shop and it works flawlessly. Haven't tested it for Phoenix however.
  13. René H4

    Bug in Sisow iDeal code

    The Sisow payment module that I have installed in my Frozen shop throws a "Not Found" message in the case that no bank is choosen. it also says The requested URL was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. The code that it is generated with, is: tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_conformation.php', 'error_message=Kies uw bank!', 'SSL')); All credits for the solution go to Rainer: Replace checkout_conformation to checkout_confirmation some 5-6 times in the base.php file that came in the Sisow package.
  14. René H4

    Code correct? It displays a Not Found message

    Matt, it's fixed with Rainers suggestion. The translation is correct, there is a pull down menu for the customer to select their bank, by default the action is "kies uw bank". SO when not choosing a bank and leave the default the error appeared. It's all fixed now.
  15. René H4

    Code correct? It displays a Not Found message

    Dank je Rainer! Het is allemaal zo simpel, als je het maar ziet.... 🙂 Thanks Rainer. That did the job. The supplied code by Sisow iDeal contains this mistake some 6 times. I will supply them the fix. All Credits to you ofcourse....