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  1. I am pretty sure that Gary has removed this from the core.
  2. @JcMagpie Would you happen to know if there is a WYSIWIG editor for creating pages like this? I can read code a bit - I can change it a bit less - but I cannot write it at all..... 🙂 So if you know of an editor that is better that Notepad let us know...
  3. /shopping_cart.php a module? Where can I find that module?
  4. Maybe this was already discussed. When I display the content of my shoppingcart the icons for refresh and delete quickly move to a spot that sitords the view. (attachement). I know, I use quite long descriptions but this is not nice for the eyes. Also, the image is dropped when the window is the smalles possible. (also on the image). As a matter of fact, I am hoping it gets changed back to how it was in frozen, like two rows and samller icons..... 🙂
  5. Yes I did. Installed all the SupCo's, and busy installing all 28d19 at the moment (of which a few are obsolete already :-))
  6. Will have a look at that then....
  7. Yes, I *do* have it, but a far as I understand this is only for the product_info, and not for products in the category listing. @burt am I correct? If it would work for the category listing I would be very happy... 🙂
  8. I think I was one of the first... 🙂 Thanks for your advise, will have a look in the config. Already played a lot with it, tons of possibilities!
  9. @Heatherbell Well, that helped a lot, thanks! Next, would there be a way to put the product description, price and buy button to the right of the image? Or do I have to change core for that? (Which I prefer not to)
  10. Haha, there's no problem or you have the answer! Now the # products per row have been set to 1 I have to find out where I can reduce the size of the displayed image... 🙂 Well done again! Do you have a hint on resizing? Can't find the correct menu.
  11. Would it be easy to get the listing insted of the grid? I like the listing much better, it's much more ease in the layout.
  12. Did you drop the list/grid functionality in categories?
  13. Much better Gary! Very compact and fewer colours. My eyes should see as less of these bootstrap colours as possible.
  14. René H4


    @puddlecAh, never saw that! It works well, tested it a few times. Thanks again!