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  1. René H4

    version with php7.2

    I definetely am. Also I would be happy to provide a financial contribution to a project, but I think we need more than one person to support....:-) I am not capable of technically support, I do not have the skills, sorry.
  2. René H4

    version with php7.2

    MrPhil, my shop has been running on 7.2 for allmost 1,5 years now. As far as I know no problems. Maybe the person who set my shop up took care of patching, but my guess is he did not. I must say that I make no use of any Paypal module. These modules are a pain at the moment looking at the topics started for support questions at the moment. Cheers, Rene
  3. @@MrPhil If I understand correct what happens is that the shippingcost is calculated based on order total. When klicking OK in checkout shipping order_total includes the shippingcost. So when going thought the process again order_total exceeds Euro 250 so shipping is free (in my case). I thing VAT is not involved in the mistake, I ship free when orders exceed 250 Euro including VAT. (This may not be the answer to you remark.)
  4. I was able to replicate the bug with the input of this topic, and after installing the fix in checkout_shipping the bug was gone. Still remains the question if this is a good fix or not? 🙂 I have asked Gary.
  5. Will have a look at this tonigt, thanks Zahid.
  6. Sorry, I use BS3 Frozen (May-18) Patches installed. I set the free shipping in the shop (can't find it right now) Where it says "free shipping for order above" or something like that. Next to that I use zone-shipping. (Next to zone-shipping I use Flat-Rate shipping set to allways zero: I use that for customers picking up orders in my shop in the flesh)
  7. Additional: I have tried to replicate this issue but I can't..... Even with the customers own account (which I can access)...
  8. I have a strange incident here: In my shop free shipping is set to 250 Euro's. Now there is a custome that orders parts for euro 236.99, including 21% VAT. The shop has said the shipping is free, but it shouldn't. There are no "specials" in the list, so all are net/net prices. Any hints or ideas?
  9. René H4

    Paypal email customer download link

    That's what I have my bookkeeping for... 🙂
  10. René H4

    Paypal email customer download link

    Hi Fabiam, welcome here! I simply use a paypal.me link in the conformation message. No stress that the interface will not work. The only thing that can go wrong is the fact that the customer has to fill in the amount himself. The is a way to get that into the code I thing but I haven't been anble to figure this out yet. HtH
  11. Maybe a bit late, but I bought one of Gary's @burt theme's. You can find tem at http://www.oscommerce-templates.co.uk/ I use Gustavo, good match for my shop and I got good support for my questions!
  12. René H4

    osCommerce website given refresh

    Where did you find these figures? Or is it just a good guess?
  13. René H4

    osCommerce website given refresh

    The only good thing about this site is it's forum. Many people will find out (too late) that they have downloaded a Non-working version of OS commerce from oscommerce.com. What would *my* customers do if i'd sell them a sprocket without teeth? Sorry customer, well, yeah, we sell it but it will not be usable out of the box, you'll have to mill the teeth on yourself or by a good mechanic that you need too hire for €€€€.
  14. René H4

    Where to start for newbie

    Install Frozen as @burt said and then buy a theme @ http://www.oscommerce-templates.co.uk/ This is what I did an my site looks the way I like now.... 🙂
  15. René H4

    domain transfer

    Jack, I recently learned that your company also hosts websites? Maybe this would be an option for @zpupster ?