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  1. Hi, I am running BS osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1. After adding a product in the product listing, I get a green banner saying "<product> has been added to your Cart" Also, the page refreshes and goes to the top. I prefer not to have these two options. Is there a simple way to have them "gone"? It looks like it all is happening in application_top.php, but just editing this file without comprehensive knowledge is a bit risky to me.... Cheers, Rene (sorry was unable to remove the <b>)
  2. Ah, both look exactly what I would need. Gary, what you shop on the sample shop is a very nice upgrade indeed! I will look into these add-ons coming month, when evenings become longer and buisiness slows down :-).
  3. Thanks Tsimi! This worked. I am not sure if I am running the frozen version, I remember the discussion about this however. We installed in feb 19th this year. About the reload: I was afraid I would get an answer like this..... Since I have some long product listings in my shop, it would be nice if the reload just wouldn't happen. But just nice.... Anyway, half of my issue solved within 60 minutes: Long live this forum!
  4. honda4

    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    Sorry, this message is in Dutch, since the subject concens Dutch users only. Hallo, Ik wil op termijn iDeal toevoegen aan mijn BS webshop. Nu heb ik de bovenstaande site gevonden, deze organisatie maakt interfaces voor allerlei webshop software, onder andere ook OSC. Je hebt hierbij een abonnement nodig bij een andere organisatie de de betalingen voor je regelt. Het gaat dus om: https://www.ideal-checkout.nl/plug-ins/free-plugins/oscommerce Heeft iemand hier ervaring mee? Is het een complexe add-on? Of is het appeltje-eitje? Ben benieuwd naar ervaringen, of zelfs andere tips. Gr, Rene
  5. honda4

    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    Ja, zou het zo eenvoudig zijn? Denk dat ik eerst even een testwinkeltje opzet. Mijn shop is redelijk standaard out-of the box. Dank voor jullie antwoorden.
  6. honda4

    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    🙂 Dat vermoeden had ik al, ik had het ook niet in de oude shop..... (2.2)
  7. Hi, I have been running my second shop for 4 months now, it is working fine except for one thing: Not all of the conformation messages arrive in the buyers mailbox. Customers confirm this after asking. This happens around HALF the time. The issue started around a week ago. It has happened to most Hotmail accounts before that, to these customers I have allways sent a reminder message directly. Also I sent the conformation message to my own account: these ALL arrive well. I am running BS. What could be the issue here? Cheers, Rene
  8. I have checked but only my privider can check the message-logs. I do not want to bother them at the moment yet, because I think the messages ARE sent out but get stuck in filters on the receivers side. I came up with one possible cause this morning: I have a Paypal.me link in the conformation message. Could this possibly cause the message to get filtered out?
  9. Thanks Mr Phil. About the title: We assume they are sent but are they actually? As long as they are received by the customer we can assume they are sent. :-) That's what actually worries me: are the messages really being sent? Is there a way to check that? I run PLESK on my site, is there a log? The HOTMAIL issue is very old indeed, I have had problems with hotmail customers for years now. I will check the advise you gave me about the SPF records. Cheers, Rene
  10. honda4

    Super Simple PP me module bones :) - paypal.me

    Could you please give us some explanation of this code? I have tried to get the code into the conformation mail, but I can't get it to work. All I would need it the order amount in the paypal.me/mysite link.
  11. Hi, In my new shop the default shipping method is set to 0 euro, one option for customers who want tot pick up their parts in my shop. However, many customers can't read so they chose the 0 euro option. Can I change the default to shipping (which has to be payed for?) On the attachment is shown what I mean. I am sure there is a way... :-)
  12. Will this become an official add-on? I am in need of it too! :-)
  13. Hi Tsimi, Yes this worked for me, MANY THANKS! Rene
  14. I would expect a change in the checkout_ shipping.php on this line: if ( !tep_session_is_registered('shipping') || ( tep_session_is_registered('shipping') && ($shipping == false) && (tep_count_shipping_modules() > 1) ) ) $shipping = $shipping_modules->cheapest(); But if I comment out the entire line the shipping is not processed. Any thoughts on this question? Rene
  15. Raiwa, I am not sure what is happening, but in my old store i did: application_top.php replace $lng->get_browser_language(); With //$lng->get_browser_language(); I am testing that at the moment. See what happens.....
  16. Hi Raiwa, I had already checked this, Dutch was set to default already. And somehow the browser opens in ENglish (not all times - not really depending on the browser language - also tested this).
  17. I have two languages installed, Dutch and English. French will follow. But since most of my customers read Dutch, I would like to force the shop to be displayed in Dutch. What is the best way to do this?
  18. honda4

    Redirecting from old to new page

    Hurray, that worked! Thanks Phil.
  19. Hi, After Whitehat has build my new shopsuccesfully, I like to redirect my customers from the old shop to the new one. The old location is http://shop.honda4.nl/catalog The new location is https://www.honda4shop.nl Any link or bookmark that is clicked should direct to the new shop. What is the best way to do this? Cheers, Rene
  20. honda4

    Redirecting from old to new page

    Hi Phil, As to the redirection: All paths have remained the same, except for the http prefix. So http://shop.honda4.nl/catalog/ANYTHING should be redirected to https://www.honda4shop.nl/ANYTHING. I was running RC2a and am now running the Bootstrap. The datebase was imported from one shop to the other. As for the directory: We have put this into the root because I have no intention of putting anything elso on that page. Thanks for your help... ;-)
  21. I have dropped all thoughts I had, anter I met wHiTeHaT from Limburg Neherlands, wHiTeHaT Has upgraded my shop from rc2a to the latest bootstrap in the past week. No data loss, and after some changes I have most functionality back in my shop. I am very happy the way wHiTeHaT has done it, he is very knowledgable in OSCommerce and PHP. If I knew I would have done this earlier. Hapy customer here. I fully recommend wHiTeHaT to have your site upgraded! Cheers Rene
  22. Are all 2.3.4 addons that are on the oscommerce.com website supported for the bootstrap version? Or should I be looking somewhere else (I downloaded my version from git-hub "Responsive-osCommerce-master") Cheers, Rene
  23. What would be the best PHP version for this pack to run on? Thanks, Rene