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  1. I use the moneyorder payment type, and use the conformation message to communicate the payment types. In the conformation message I provide three options: Payment by bank Paypal iDeal payment request In the text for Paypal I just use a Papal.me link. As simple as that! Currently it looks like:
  2. Now I have all of your attention, let me ask my initial quastion again. I would need the variable for the total amount, and multiply it by 1,025. If the variable would be $order_total, I would get this code I suppose: ($order_total * 1,025) But how would I get the variable for the order total? That's where I get stuck.
  3. Over here it's 3.4%. And yes, it's a matter of competative prices also. If you sell a product with a 15% margin, and PP takes 3,4% of that, there's not much to earn, is there? @MrPhil You say: so why not take your average customer's transaction fee percentage and just bury it in your base price? Today's sales prices are not set by the seller, but by the market.
  4. Edit: @JcMagpieThis is in the US. The terms in the Netherlands just show "discourages upcharge". https://www.paypal.com/nl/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full#5 5.4: PayPal ontmoedigt toeslagen omdat het een commerciële gang van zaken is die de klant kan straffen en onnodige verwarring, irritatie en het vroegtijdig verlaten van het betaalproces kan veroorzaken. U gaat ermee akkoord dat u alleen toeslag rekent voor het gebruik van PayPal in overeenstemming met wetten die op u van toepassing zijn. U gaat er verder mee akkoord dat als u een toeslag berekent aan de koper dat u, en niet PayPal, de koper op de hoogte zal stellen van de gevraagde toeslag. PayPal is niet aansprakelijk als u de koper niet over een toeslag heeft geïnformeerd. Als u zich niet houdt aan de bovenstaande bepalingen, vormt dit een schending van deze Overeenkomst en heeft PayPal het recht om deze overeenkomst te beëindigen overeenkomstig paragraaf 7. So I can do what I want. 🙂
  5. Hi folks, Paypal cost is running out of control here, I am going to ask my customers to pay 2,5% of this cost. Now I want to add this in the conformation message, but I have trouble finding the correct code. I would need the variable for the total amount, and multiply it by 1,025. If the variable would be $order_total, I would get this code I suppose: ($order_total * 1,025) But how would I get the variable for the order total? That's where I get stuck. osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1
  6. honda4

    Fake accounts

    Sure, all cfredits go to @John W: On line 57 find: $error = false; Right after that I added: //Added to block spammers A if (strtolower($company) == 'google') { $error = true; $messageStack->add('create_account', "You have triggered spamming prevention rules. If your info is correct and you are not a spammer please contact us or try again."); $spam_email_text = "Spammer Alert: <b>" . $firstname . " " . $lastname . "</b> Using company name <b> " . $company . "</b> triggered spam alert."; tep_mail(STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS, 'BOT Spammer Alert!', $spam_email_text, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); } //Added to block spammers A That's it. No more fake account creations, and somehow the e-mails of them trying to have also stopped. Looks like they see that it doesn't work.
  7. honda4

    Fake accounts

    No more fake account creations after I have installed @John W's script.
  8. honda4

    2.2RC1 and PHP7

    I was in the same position as you were, only with a Dutch site which was working perfectly. Ask @wHiTeHaT on this forum to convert your shop. He did a perfect job for me. I had some minor trouble afterwards, but I kept all data.
  9. honda4

    oscommerce v2.2 multiple tax zone support?

    In the 2.2 shop that I used to have I had 3 different tax classes (21% - 6% - 0%). I think you can set up as many as you like. After that you can create tax zones to which you connect the tax classes. It's a bit of a hassle to find out how, but I am sure it's possible.
  10. honda4

    Fake accounts

    John, I get that. I have just patched the create_account.php file with your code, made some minor changes to it (like check on "company") and it works for now. Thanks for the input, this is by far the best solution for this moment. Until the BOTs come up with other things ofcourse... 🙂
  11. honda4

    Fake accounts

    SPOT ON! I think this will work for me also. It looks like an easy fix, which (up to now) will stop all my fake account creations.....
  12. honda4

    Fake accounts

    Thanks Loic, I will look into this. 😉
  13. honda4

    Fake accounts

    Allthough you have the best meaning, this is not of much help, sorry. At this moment I have created: /httpdocs/includes/modules/action_recorder/ar_create_account.php and /httpdocs/includes/languages/mylanguage/modules/action_recorder/ar_create_account.php I am able to install them in the mdules section, but I am at the point where I have to integrate them into the create_account.php file. That is where it is getting a bit complex for a learner... 🙂
  14. honda4

    Fake accounts

    Is this just the script file and the language file that do the job, of is there more tot it? If it's only these two, I can upload and test.