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    PayPal Express quit working...

    Awesome! I've changed the crt file and it's working again! Thank you! Will consider upgrading to Phoenix when things get back to normal, and I mean the old normal
  2. dowser

    PayPal Express quit working...

    As the title says - when you click PayPal checkout button it just blinks and displays a url with /shopping_cart.php?error_message= I'm using 2.3.4 with several mods running php 5.4 and my host wants me to update to at least 7.2 and I don't blame him My business is not doing all that great due to this...well, you know, so I can't afford to do a full blown re-design, but I need to at least have this checkout issue fixed. I have limited knowledge of the inner workings of Osc and would prefer to hire someone to do it for me. Where should I look? I don't want to go back to freelancer or such...What kind of cost should I expect?
  3. dowser

    PayPal Express quit working...

    Thank you, will look into it
  4. I have my shipping module set up to give a flat rate (based on weight) now for all 3, but it becomes more and more difficult as the rates are so different for different countries and not everybody wants to pay the $44.95 for Express, so I need to set up a flat rate for domestic US orders and USPS express and priority (for customer to choose) and Canada Post Express for Canadian orders. (I'm in Canada on the border with the US and shipping from the USA and Canada :) Is it possible and if so - how would you go about it? Are there any ready contributions that could be used for this? I could switch to USPS priority for domestic, but would much prefer the above scenario, otherwise I'd have to change prices on some 300 products...
  5. I'm using Idevaffiliate and Moneris and Paypal standard as payment options (not counting check & money orders) and have problem with integrating the affiliate script to work correctly. From the Idevaffiliate I get following code to insert into checkout_success.php: $idevtotal = tep_db_query("SELECT value FROM " . TABLE_ORDERS_TOTAL . " WHERE orders_id = '" . (int)$orders['orders_id'] . "' AND class = 'ot_subtotal'"); $idevtotal = tep_db_fetch_array($idevtotal); $idev_osc_1 = (number_format($idevtotal['value'],2)); $idev_osc_2 = $orders['orders_id']; include("/home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/sale.php"); The parh is correct, yet there is an error when the order comes through and the sale is not credited. Can you find anything that would cause it? Paypal has a different setup, so I don't want to go there now.
  6. It might have been discussed here before, but I can't find the reference. I'd like to display all the product options at once - I found out that if I leave them at default - that's exactly what people tend to buy. Because my options have extra price - I could set it to a higher paid option, but that's not very ethical. Is there a way to display them all at once? I'm not sure if I explain it right, so here's the link to the product in a category that is the most important to me in that regard: http://diviningmind.com/store/blue-moonstone-blue-quartz-sterling-silver-power-pendant-p-835.html By the way - the option sequence reverted to one of the paid options - I have to check the contribution I've added that supposed to control that...
  7. I guess changing it to a set of radio buttons would also be fine
  8. I'd like to change font attributes for the e-mails generated after order has been placed - to match the rest of my documents. I think it can be done in catalog/checkout_process.php but I don't know how to approach it. Also - is it possible to somehow highlight (bold, color, etc.) the payment method used - I have 3 payment options and would like to see at glance which order is "send check or money order" and PayPal" as opposed to credit card payments.
  9. I'm having a problem adding a list of countries I'd like to include in the "Rest of the World" (I ship worldwide). I've compiled a list of countries besides my zone 1+US and zone 2+CA: AF,AX,AL,DZ,AS,AD,AO,AI,AQ,AG,AR,AM,AW,AU,AT,AZ,BS,BH,BD,BB,BY,BE,BZ,BJ,BM,BT,BO ,BA,BW,BV,BR,IO,BN,BG,BF,BI,KH,CM,CV,KY,CF,TD,CL,CN,CX,CC,CO,KM,CG,CD,CK,CR,CI,HR ,CU,CY,CZ,DK,DJ,DM,DO,EC,EG,SV,GQ,ER,EE,ET,FK,FO,FJ,FI,FR,GF,GB,PF,TF,GA,GM,GE,DE ,GH,GI,GR,GL,GD,GP,GU,GT,GG,GN,GW,GY,HT,HM,HN,HK,HU,IS,IN,ID,IR,IQ,IE,IM,IL,IT,JM ,JP,JE,JO,KZ,KE,KI,KP,KR,KW,KG,LA,LV,LB,LS,LR,LY,LI,LT,LU,MO,MK,MG,MW,MY,MV,ML,MT ,MH,MQ,MR,MU,YT,MX,FM,MD,MC,MN,ME,MS,MA,MZ,MM,NA,NR,NP,NL,AN,NC,NZ,NI,NE,NG,NU,NF ,MP,NO,OM,PK,PW,PS,PA,PG,PY,PE,PH,PN,PL,PT,PR,QA,RE,RO,RU,RW,BL,SH,KN,LC,MF,PM,VC ,WS,SM,ST,SA,SN,RS,SC,SL,SG,SK,SI,SB,SO,ZA,GS,ES,LK,SD,SR,SJ,SZ,SE,CH,SY,TW,TJ,TZ ,TH,TL,TG,TK,TO,TT,TN,TR,TM,TC,TV,UG,UA,AE,UM,UY,UZ,VU,VA,VE,VN,VG,VI,WF,EH,YE,ZM ,ZW It gets truncated at about one third and all the countries beside those are not available for shipping. I'm desperate to find a solution as we have customers all over the world.
  10. OK, got it solved - found out that register_globals was off... I'm learning, but slowly
  11. Hi! I've moved my website to a new server - everything looked ok, but when I checked the store section - the pictures are not displaying! The logo is there, but not other pictures, like specials, new, also in product descriptions - no pictures! When I check the page source - there is: <img src="image.php?src=images/xxx.jpg&width=248&height=110" When I click on that - I get: <br /> <b>Warning</b>: exif_imagetype() [<a href=function.exif-imagetype'>function.exif-imagetype</a>]: Filename cannot be empty in <b>/home/xxxxx/public_html/store/image.php</b> on line <b>12</b><br /> <br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined function tep_not_null() in <b>/home/xxxxx/public_html/store/image.php </b> on line <b>21</b><br /> Line 9-22 are: $srcsize = getimagesize($_GET['src']); $dest_x = ($_GET['height']); $dest_y = ($_GET['width']); $img_type = exif_imagetype($src); if ($img_type == IMAGETYPE_JPEG) { $src_img = imagecreatefromjpeg($_GET['src']); } // Resize JPG images if ($img_type == IMAGETYPE_PNG) { $src_img = imagecreatefrompng($_GET['src']); } // Resize PNG images if ($img_type == IMAGETYPE_GIF) { $src_img = imagecreatefromgif($_GET['src']); } // Resize Gif images if ($img_type == IMAGETYPE_WBMP ) { $src_img = imagecreatefromwbmp($_GET['src']); } // Resize BMP images $dst_img = imagecreatetruecolor($dest_y, $dest_x); if (empty($width) && tep_not_null($height)) { $ratio = $height / $srcsize[1]; I've checked with the server guys and the GD library is enabled (by default) on my account. Is there a call to it with a specific path? Sorry, I'm completely green where php is concerned
  12. dowser

    Header Tags SEO

    OK, I found it, there were 4 instances of "if (isset($sortOrder['xxxx']))" missing for some reason...
  13. dowser

    Header Tags SEO

    I've seen it answered somewhere, but the search function of this board is quite poor... After installation everything seemed to run fine, now after playing with it for a while I found that both specials and manufacturers display an error: Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 64 I've ran "fill tags", but that didn't help. I'd appreciate your help, even although it's probably a repeat. I have version 3.1.6 installed
  14. dowser

    Shipping to the "Rest of the World"

    Never mind, figured it out the hard way - added 3 more shipping zones and split the list...
  15. dowser

    Country Codes for Zone Shipping

  16. dowser

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    I've tried to use it with the Dynamic Image Resizer and all the pictures are squashed now. Any idea how to fix it? It's probably something in html_output.php...
  17. You may have top update your installer as they changed the name (dropped the "F" in front) and it's version 3.0 now.
  18. I have a lot of testimonials from customers who are also business owners and have their own websites and I'd like to reward them with a link, but as it is now - the html gets stripped from the reviews. (This is from my pre-OSC website) I realize that leaving it on could create security problems, is there a safe way of doing it? Maybe submit for approval? Or maybe there is a contribution that addresses it and I couldn't find it? Could it be made independent from products? It could also be a completely separate entity - like another box.
  19. Great, I will look into it! Sound like a tool I'll love to use!
  20. Thank you! The first one would be perfect if it addressed the html input - I may write the author. If I dream a bit - I could even imagine a possibility of the reviewer to have an opportunity to add their picture...an audio or video clip... The second one is a completely different animal.
  21. I'm trying to figure out how to clean my code to get rid of "Zone Rates (Shipping to CA : 8.5 oz(s))" and just display "Shipping:" Isn't it much nicer? Which part of the code controls it? I'm sorry, I'm not fluent (or even close to it) in php, but I like to get my hands dirty :o)
  22. If you could only point me to the part that does it....
  23. Thank you! That worked fine, except there is a set of brackets that was left over (Shipping CA : 8.5 ): that I can't get rid off. I wouldn't mind getting rid of everything except "Shipping:" , but will live with that. OK, you are the fellow I've used some contributions from, like e-mail and phone number on the invoice. Love it!
  24. Don't get discouraged, I've been there... Sometimes it takes several tries using different search strings to get somewhere. Sometimes you can get results in the most unexpected places... It would be nice to have a little write up on how to change certain aspects of the OSC - how to change text on so and so pages, how to add certain functions, end so on. Usually when you search for a while - you may find a solution from a completely different angle. I've been "forced" into OSC and had to learn it myself by trial and error - got it almost going - although the script guy I hired got paid for it. That's life...
  25. OK, got it fixed - just added a redirect in the root .htaccess file