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  1. In the spanish support forum you can get one for passat 4b and in a few days another one for CECA, this one we are now testing and I think that we will finish it this week and after that put it in the contributions modules. This is the address where you can download the one for passat 4b. http://www.iproyectos.com/descargas/iproye...ta0.5.4b.tar.gz
  2. charly5

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    This module is quit good, but it only works if the origin country is US because it sends an option that is only abailable for US. This option is the customerClasification, so if the origin country isn?t US you should not send to UPS this option. I have made this commenting out these 3 lines (near of line 595 in includes/modules/shipping/upsxml.php): " <CustomerClassification>\n". " <Code>". $this->customer_classification ."</Code>\n". " </CustomerClassification>\n". I hope this will be usefull. Sorry abot my English.
  3. charly5

    UPS module

    there is an option in the original UPS XML code that is only abailable form US I have commented this option out and now I have the module working. I the ship origin isn?t US you shoul comment out this lines (near line 595): " <CustomerClassification>\n". " <Code>". $this->customer_classification ."</Code>\n". " </CustomerClassification>\n".