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  1. Shin A

    PostFinance E-Payment

    Hi Nick, I installed the last version of your contribution, but the problem about checkout_process already exists: if, in test mode, I buy something using Postfinance, at the end i'm not redirect to the checkout success, but to the Cart, where I can see the products I have already paid. The cart is not empty. Do you know something about this? thank you very much for your great work. Shin A
  2. Shin A

    PostFinance E-Payment

    Hi, I've got the same problem: after the module payment of postfinace, the automatic redirection take me to the shopping cart, where I found the list is not empty. And If I try to buy other objects, this second operation adds object&price to the previous list. In history I can see this two operations like one: the second overwrite and update the first. In postfinance they dont' have any answears: it's all ok for them. Suggestions? thank you Shin A