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  1. The Canada Post module that they provide is fine at this point, I just wanted to be sure it was compatible and wondered if there were issues with it's implementation. It never even occurred to me that signature links wouldn't be permitted in a forum that revolves around an ecommerce fixed.
  2. Thanks, that's a great mod, but I'll be happy if I can just get the Canada Post official shipping mod to work with the cart. I think they sat down and said "OK, how can we make the Canadian postal system the most inconvenient, illogical and general PITA system for online merchants without an IT department?" :rolleyes: I used to think I was technically inclined, but apparently I'm due a humbling. At least I know they'll work together now so I can proceed. Please excuse any and all unladylike expression of my frustration for the rest of the day. :blush:
  3. Hi there, Canada Post provides a shipping module but frankly, it intimidates the 'ellouta me. :blush: Has anyone incorporated this module into the OSCommerce cart? Shipping module Integrate our free shipping module into your online store. With our shipping module and reliable shipping services, it’ll be easy for your customers to have complete control over the speed and cost of delivery. A flexible application that can be adjusted to suit your business needs. Access to shipping services within Canada, to the U.S.A., or to destinations around the world. Your technical team or ecommerce solution provider leads the integration with the support of the Sell Online implementation desk. Thanks very much for any assistance/guidance, as well as for providing this open source solution. B)