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  1. Hi, thank you for replying. I have sorted it out now. I had to change the variable names too within the files otherwise, when both delivery methods were listed as an option they clashed and I was getting repeat call type errors which is what I could not figure out in the first place. All I need now is a contribution for 2.3.1 that will allow me to set flat rate shipping for certain products.......
  2. Hi, I have a website selling mainly small items which get delivered via UK Royal Mail. However, I also manufacturer larger, bulkier items that my company delivers itself. These are typically a lot heavier and so I need a Shipping module that will force this delivery option if the weight is over a certain amount. Therefore, I was looking to adapt an existing module, say the Royal Mail Standard Parcels module, which does everything I want, except the name and description of the service needs to change to something like 'via company courier'. I have tried in vein to adapt it, but got errors and it ended up messing with my actual Standard Parcels module! I hope I have not made this sound too complicated and I hope that someone may be able to offer me some advice? Many thanks, Paul.
  3. Hi, I am in the same position. I need a contrib that will allow my visitors to sign up to a newsletter without having to create an account. I had this installed on my old version, but it doesn't seem to exist for the latest version. It is a shame that the developers did not add this and other useful features/tools when creating the updates as it would save a whole lot of time and effort and make the whole package far more appealing. Regards, Paul.
  4. Hi, I have just installed the Sagepay Form module and have entered all of the correct details into the control panel and when I go to test it through the website I get this error message when I go through the checkout:- 'Form Transaction Error This transaction attempt has failed. Please use the Proceed button go back to the web store from which you were purchasing. The details of the failure are given below. Status: INVALID Status Detail: 3082 : The Description value is too long.' I cannot understand why this would happen on a new installation :-( Perhaps someone could help me solve the problem as I am keen to get my website trading. Many thanks, Paul.