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  1. So im guessin that if i have V1.0 installed.....I need to completely uninstall it to upgrade to V1.3?
  2. Im interested in those two changes. Can we just remove the 'require('includes/application_top.php')' part without anything else being effected? Some of my cron job errors refer to application_top.php.
  3. Im back to this point. I was mistaken, the "admin/images" part didnt work. The admin images folder was still in the reference file. Any ideas how how to block just this folder or any subfolder?
  4. Yes. It works fine when run with the cron job as well, its just that the cron generates those errors. I still get the output from the sitemonitor if anything has changed. I was just curious if anybody elses cron output was like that(if anybody even checks it).
  5. heres the cron output is interested:
  6. Anybody else getting errors in their cron output? Ive got the cron job setup and running ok but its outputting errors(the cron sends an email out after it runs). This normal?
  7. What actually controls the length of time until the timeout?
  8. What I posted above does work, just FYI. Question for you though. I can use the above and scan my admin directory minus the images folder.....all works fine. I can then run the sitemonitor.php file and it runs very quickly, but if I add a small text file on the server(just a test file so it can find something different) it times out. Why does it run SO fast if no files have changed but time out if anything has changed?
  9. I have to block out my admin directory or the script times out. Is there a way to specify not to scan certain folders within the admin directory, such as images, so that we can scan the other php files in admin and not timeout? Would something like this work? : $excludeList = array("cgi-bin","admin/images","downloads","images","pub","tmp","temp");
  10. peteruittilburg- thanks for the fix, it worked. Any idea WHY I suddenly had that problem? Also, I just noticed that if I click on one of the colored marker buttons on teh main admin notes page....after it reloads the page with the new marker setting the INSERT button is gone.
  11. Those are questions for the developer, not potential solutions for you. Not sure why you thought I was reffering to you.
  12. So if you at some point change a file on purpose, will it email you everytime it checks or only the first time finds the mismatch? Im assuming you could just delete the site_reference.php file after you add a new file to 'reset' what everything is compared to?
  13. Nevermind, I updated to the new version you posted. Works great :thumbsup: Question.....if you only put the address in the admin section such as '' instead of 'Shop Owner <>' what does that do? Ive always wondered that....I only use the email address for the "send extra order emails to" section as well instead of the whole 'Name 1 <email@address1>' deal.
  14. Does it need a ')' after "strip_tags($order_totals[$i]['text']" ? So it would look like: $SMS_order .= strip_tags($order_totals[$i]['title']) . ' ' . strip_tags($order_totals[$i]['text']); Is that correct or did you have it right? Thanks for your time. :thumbsup: