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  1. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, please?
  2. oh, I apologize, forgot to mention - I do use the max weight per package. The problem is, our products did not have the shipping dimensions on the first 20k+ items, a lot of them are under 15 lbs, but bulky, and not easily combined. Most go out as individual boxes. I just was hoping there would be a way to make the package count MATCH the item qty count. Thank you again.
  3. I'm not great at explaining, I apologize. So here is a snapshot of my shopping cart with 5 items, total weight (with 1 tare) 47 lbs, and should be 5 individual packages. http://www.conceptsindustrial.com/images/Capture01.PNG however, clicking Checkout results in the following; http://www.conceptsindustrial.com/images/Capture02.PNG I would be fine with this, but the rates are so far off 1 package vs 5. I'm thinking because I haven't seen anyone with this problem, that either I'm missing a configuration, or not understanding something in the setup... If not, is there a way for me to adjust the variable that is counting the products / packages? I'm not totally new to oscommerce, but I am still very beginner level -- and really appreciate any suggestions / help. Thank you again
  4. 15kg. osc reports (1 package 15kg) if I have 20 items, it says (1 package 30kg) no matter how many items I purchase, still only 1 package. I would like each item to be a package.
  5. I'm having a problem, and not sure if it's the shopping cart, or another file. I hope someone can help. I can add 10 items into my cart, and at checkout, both usps, and ups modules, reflect the correct weight, but only 1 package. I really appreciate any time and effort. version 2.3
  6. dwbeuki

    using osc_PayPal_v177 on oscommerce 2.3

    ok... again, no edit - so sorry about the multiple follow up. problem solved.... 1. -- removed express button from shopping_cart.php by commenting out lines 140 - 154 ****fyi this will remove ALL optional buttons displayed on your shopping cart, however, all payment methods still remain on checkout. 2. -- as mentioned before, changing the option already available in the paypal module provided with 2.3, the credit / debit cards are now available. Hopefully, this helps someone avoid the same problems I had. Thank you again, osCommerce!
  7. dwbeuki

    using osc_PayPal_v177 on oscommerce 2.3

    I don't see an edit - and need to update this. I found an area on the paypal 1.2 field that asks 'paypal optional' and set to true -- now, the credit cards are an option, without a paypal account I am only using the paypal express module. Now, I think to solve my other problem, I simply need to force everyone to go through checkout, and remove the [paypal] button from the shopping cart. anyone know how to do this? Thank you in advance!
  8. I'm currently using version 1.2 of paypal module. I'm having the following problems; 1. when clicking [buy now] the shipping charges are left off the invoice. (paypal express) 2. when going through checkout, the credit cards are not being processed because of an invalid account type. I figure the problem with 2 - is probably my paypal account, and I'm working with them on this - as they helped me set up everything so it would work -- this is new, so I'm hoping they help resolve this for me. The first issue, is the most critical to me. So, looking around, I found this on paypal's site, osc_PayPal_v177 for oscommerce 2.2 - released 2009. My concern is, osCommerce 2.3 has a version included, which is older (if you go by version number) -- is it really older? Do I need to replace it? If I do need to replace it, I noticed there are 3 new files in their list of files, and the instructions do not claim them as new, but as modifications. I am feeling rather confident that my fix may NOT include updating this - does anyone have any input that can help? I would also gladly accept suggestions on either issue, as this is all new to me. Thank you in advance
  9. dwbeuki

    Paypal Express Checkout issue

    a similar problem happened with a friend where his paypal account required re-verification and he hadn't noticed. He had been using it successfully for nearly a year before he had the problem. He ended up creating new api signature and everything, it did solve his problem. Hope that helps someone.