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  1. Thinkmarriage.org

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    I am sure someone has asked this already, but I cannot find in the the post list, so. . . Is there a way to change the install directories so that this will work with OC version 3.0? thanks much --Jack
  2. Thinkmarriage.org

    Converting V2.2 add-ons to V3

    I have a specific add-on I want to configure for 3.0. It is the Discount Coupon Codes vs. 3.34 It makes references to the "catalog" file which is obviously not there, as well as a couple of other files. I understand the basic structure of what is going on, but am a little hessitant to start tearing things apart. Any advice? Or should I just email the original author?