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  1. mbianchi

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Any way to show the OUT OF STOCK message on the product_info page with STS? I don't see a tag that will display this info. Would be handy to have something like $stock or something like that. Any ideas.
  2. mbianchi

    Displaying the Special Price using STS

    Cool. Been looking for this answer! Now, how do I have a strikethrough the regular price if there is a sale price? Thanks! Mark
  3. Any ideas how to get the Featured Products infobox to sort? Featured Products v 1.5.5 Right now it just shows anything listed as a Featured Product in random order. Do a refresh and it resorts again to a new random order. I want the most recent Featured Products to show up at the top and the older Featured Products to be at the bottom. Any ideas? Thanks! Mark Bianchi Dayton, OH
  4. mbianchi

    MenuBar 0.2 Sub-Category Width Issue

    Any suggestions? Thanks! Mark
  5. Hi all. I have been a fan of the menuBar 0.2 mod for a while now. I think I like it best because it is based on a very simple HV javascript that I have successfully used on other non-Oscom web sites. I am now developing an Oscommerce site that has very long sub-category names. MenuBar 0.2 has hard-coded the width of the sub-category menu to be the same as BOX_WIDTH in application_top.php. That is fine for the regular category menu, but I need to define a larger width for the sub-category menu. Any suggestions? Here's the link to the contrib that I am working with: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,menubar Thanks! Mark
  6. mbianchi

    STS and DHTML Categories Support

    I tried to add this but when I go to my homepage I now get: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /home/asiancul/public_html/includes/sts_user_code.php on line 42 What could it be? Here is line 42: echo ' cmDraw('mainmenu', menuID, 'vbr', cmThemeIE, 'themeie');' . "n"; Thanks! Mark
  7. mbianchi

    Yappa-NG Issue with Demo-Mode

    Hi. Yeah, in setup.php make sure it says: $setup_DEMO = false; You'll find that on line 122. Good luck! Mark
  8. I get this message when I try to create a new album: yappa-ng is running in DEMO-MODE! How do I turn Demo-Mode off? Thanks! Mark Bianchi Dayton, Ohio
  9. Hey all. Has anyone here been able to transfer the product title through SkipJack to your merchant account? It sure would be cool to match up the product title between the merchant account and OSCommerce. Thanks! Mark Bianchi Dayton, OH
  10. For those of you that are using EMS (Electronic Merchant Systems) in conjunction with SkipJack, here is the replacement code: from: $this->form_action_url = 'https://developer.skipjackic.com/scripts/EvolvCC.dll?Authorize'; to $this->form_action_url = 'https://www.emsecommerce.com/scripts/EMSCC.dll?Authorize'; for live mode stores
  11. mbianchi

    Master Products - MS2

    Hey Talon. Thanks! Your example was quite helpful! I put the code into products_new.php and it did the trick. Here is all I added to the following line: p.products_listing_status = '1' (see below) $products_new_query_raw = "select p.products_id, pd.products_name, p.products_image, p.products_price, p.products_tax_class_id, p.products_date_added, m.manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p left join " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " m on (p.manufacturers_id = m.manufacturers_id), " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd where p.products_status = '1' and p.products_listing_status = '1' and p.products_id = pd.products_id and pd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' order by p.products_date_added DESC, pd.products_name"; Thanks for your help! Mark Bianchi Dayton, Ohio
  12. mbianchi

    Master Products - MS2

    Thanks for that. I am still in the learning phase of PHP and MySQL. Could you show me an example of what that would look like in products_new.php? Thanks for the edumacation! Mark
  13. mbianchi

    Master Products - MS2

    I understand that Master Products can prevent a Master from appearing in What's New, Categories, All Products, etc. But how do I keep Slave products from showing up in these places. In other words, I only want my Master to show up. Any way of doing that? Thanks! Mark Bianchi Dayton, OH
  14. Well, after spending hours getting the PayPal module to work (and it works very well) my client has decided that he wants to change from accepting PayPal payments to a bonafide credit card payment gateway. Unfortunately, he did not check with me to ensure that OsCommerce had a module for his new deal. (The company is called EMS, or Electronic Merchant Systems, by the way. Visit http://www.emsecommerce.net.) Here is my question: How do others here create a module for a new gateway? Do you just take an exisiting module, such as PSIgate or Authorize.net, and modify it to work with your new gateway? Any suggestions and/or help would be greatly appreciated. And don't worry, I will admonish my client severly for not checking with his web geek first! :-) Mark Bianchi Dayton, Ohio
  15. mbianchi


    I think I just stumbled on something that may help some people with IPN. Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but I didn't find it anywhere here when I was looking for a solution to my problem. I had the annnoying "Pending Paypal Notification" issue. The order was going through, because Paypal was collecting the funds. I just never got the "completed" message back from Paypal IPN. As it turns out, it seems that the primary and business e-mail address settings in the admin screen, modules/payment/paypal are CASE SENSITIVE. My customer liked to put his e-mail address as a series of upper case/lower case like CustomerStan@Email.com. This is how his primary e-mail address was set at Paypal. I put his e-mail address in all lower case in the settings for this modification. Once I changed the mixed case to match his address at PayPal, voila! No more "Pending Paypal Notification" issues. I hope this helps somebody, cause it sure drove me crazy! Thanks for the contribution, Greg! Mark Bianchi Dayton, OH