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    Upgrading to the latest version

    Does anyone know if easy populate works in the new bootstrap version?
  2. jimsmega

    Upgrading to the latest version

    Is there a way to convert the databases from 2.2 to the new bootstrap version? I know there are references to using Myphpadmin but I am not familiar with the process. Are there scripts or help on this topic?
  3. Ok then I am at square one again. I did everything I possibly can see to do with the base install except the h1 tags. That would not be practical for me as they got lost in the traslation of the files I had in another database that I copied from. I guess to get rid of the fields I want, model and manufacturer I will have to drastically make some changes to where they may be called in and try to understand what the code is doing if I want them gone. Hard to do for a non programmer or developer. I consider myself an ameteur there but I might figure it out thru trial and error. Yeah, I know it is in the documentation. Still this should not be causing a lack of google listings. So why is the cache file so slow to fill up and why isn't google picking up everything? I have had this in place for about 6 months and tweeked things one time and deleted the cache so it could build up again (refresh?). It does a few records a day. Some still aren't done. Is this something that google checks and uses? Doesn't really say. All I know to do if I make major changes to my items or store is to delete the cache file and let it build up again. What makes it fill up? How does that work? What does it mean? To someone who doesn't understand cache or this program at all has no idea about its function. That is not in the documentation. I have signed up for google, given them my link etc. Done everything I know to do. Is it possible for someone to check my site and see if I have the basics correct? I can give the name of the store. I am super frustrated because a competitor of mine has ALL of his stuff in google and keeps beating me out in the searches. I don't know what he is doing differently. I feel like I missed a boat somewhere. Can you help?
  4. Aha !!! Then I may have found the one thing that was stopping me from doing the database install. I thought I was ok without it until now. Perhaps this will heip my other problems as well. Thanks so much. Back to the grind.
  5. I love how this support thread points to the documentation all the time but the answer is not that clear always. I still don't understand how the cache really works and so forth. Another topic after I fix this problem. I have a very large store Over 6000 items of basically catalog items and google is simply not seeing all of my items and it takes weeks to build the cache files but anyway.... Lets try to take care of this first. Ok, I looked at that documentation you mentioned and noticed that in the last 2 parameters of the documentation it contains this: ..... •KISSMT_CANONICAL_ON - string true/false - output canonical tags to remove duplicate search engine index entries and osCsid sessions •KISSMT_DESCRIPTIONS_EXTENSION_ENABLE - string true/false - Enable Categories/Manufacturers descriptions extension. However my code in includes/modules/kiss_meta_tags/includes/init.php does not have the definition KISSMT_DESCRIPTIONS_EXTENSION_ENABLE included. Mine ends with this: /** * Show the canonical tag for relevant pages - string true / false */ defined( 'KISSMT_CANONICAL_ON' ) || define( 'KISSMT_CANONICAL_ON', 'true' ); ?> so I added this at the end: /** KISSMT_DESCRIPTIONS_EXTENSION_ENABLE - string true/false - Enable Categories/Manufacturers descriptions extension. */ defined( 'KISSMT_DESCRIPTIONS_EXTENSION_ENABLE' ) || define( 'KISSMT_DESCRIPTIONS_EXTENSION_ENABLE', 'false' ); ?> Still my model and manufacturer description are included in my view source code. I do not want model # (uneccessary info taking up space) or manufacturer description included (as I have used that field as a condition statement). So what else is required to make the parameter stop model and manufacturer description? Thank you for a great simple process so far.
  6. The title tag seems to be in this order for the product pages: product name - model - categorie - manufacturer - product description What if one does not want to use the model, -categorie or manufacturer? What specific steps can you take to leave those out? Please explain for rookie. Is it also in the file includes/ modules/ kissmt/ productinfo.php?
  7. I'm sorry I did not mean specials, I meant featured.
  8. I love EasyPopulate. Just Love it. I have 11,000 items and counting but I do not use the attributes. It would be lovely if it could allow for Specials to be incorporated and make the manipulation of that field easier from the spreadsheets. Is it not possible for that field to be used somehow or because it is a different database file it is not able to be used? I have tried investigating it on my own but it is over my head. SB
  9. Hi, I too am having trouble getting the root page to be www.mysite.com/ ( without the index.php ) so I thought I would try this suggestion and when I look at the file you say to change open catalog/includes/modules/kiss_meta_tags/abstracts/kiss_modules.php - I do not have those lines in it. I have looked in the update files and they look the same to me as the old ones. Nowhere can I find this statement: private function forceHttp( $the_current_canonical_link ) { I have my store in the root and have installed everything except the admin stuff, (Still getting used to everything) and the H1 page titles (since my descriptions came from old html of another source and I don't want to go there yet) So after everything else I stopped and let google do his thing. I am still trying to figure out where to go next but from what I can see so far this is doing a great job of getting the content to google so far. Let me know if I can give you my link to check. If I can get this answer, I have a few more. Thanks
  10. I have read it line by line and I was thinking that is where to put the new table for featured and was about to try it but thought there may have been an update or someone else may have done it already. So I'll see what happens with my short time of experience with this so far. Thanks
  11. Ok I'll try this another way. Featured items is a status flag field that makes some items come up in an info box called featured products and on the index page. It is in the admin where it is manipulated. I want that field to be used in easy populate so I can download items, see which ones have the flag and turn some on or off and upload the file with the changes instead of using admin since it is cumbersome there to do each one individually. I know there are some add ons to make featured easier supposedly but this method would be sweet. Has anyone done this or is it possible to add it to EP? Stefanie
  12. I have ep (Easy Populate) v2 76i ms2 and I need to include the Featured Items Module. Is there an upgrade or has someone used this before? I want to pull the field into the spreadsheet like the Specials are. I think they could be managed so much easier that way. Thanks
  13. VJ I love easy populate. It is the main reason I chose OS Commerce as I have over 5000 products loaded and may have as many as 10,000 when I am finished. You have a fantastic little program here and it is invaluable to me. How hard is it to add featured products to it so they can be turned on and off easily using a spread sheet to update? Many thanks Stefanie
  14. jimsmega

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    I am still fiddling with it almost there. By the way I noticed when I have an edit screen open and get logged off, I losed the data for that record except for the image. Is there a way to keep log off from removing my data from the database? Also how do we set the login length of time? Where do we tell it maybe never log off? Thanks Stefanie
  15. jimsmega

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    You "da man" thanks a lot.
  16. Hi, I too am having a problem with zone shipping. Every item I have is set to .90 oz and they all round up to .99 oz. When I tell it an item is 1.0 it rounds up even that to some silly number. Last I checked, 1+1=2 but not in this case. It took a lot of trial and error to get items to stay at under 1 lb and not go over. Based on each item being 1 lb or under slightly, then I can use zones without a problem. I use 1 lb and not more to be able to count the number of items easily, so up to 1 =$4.00, up to 2=$6.00, up to 5 =$7.00. and so on. I am selling magazines and this item count system is enabling me to use the zone method but why rounding the weight and why such an odd number I don't know. In the includes/modules/shipping/zones.php there is a note in the comment text that says: "It appears that the osC shipping system automatically rounds the shipping weight up to the nearest whole unit. This makes it more difficult to design precise shipping tables. If you want to, you can hack the shipping.php file to get rid of the rounding." But I cannot find anywhere that looks like it is rounding. It is not any shipping.php that I can find. Does anyone know where the rounding of weight is occuring? I think that is most of the problem people are having. I know it is in my case. I'd like to stop it. Appreciate it...
  17. jimsmega

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    Hello, I love this contrib. Very useful for me as well. Is there a way to ad manufacturers? I use it for a condition field as I have "Good", "Very Good", "Like New" etc. and the drop down choices that that field has are very handy for my conditions. I tried putting it into the code but am very confused as to how to go about it as it is a bit different type of field than the others being a drop down and so on. I can get the field to show but it is a blank drop down box since I see where to define it but not how to pull the data into it. that would be splendid. Thanks
  18. jimsmega

    HTML Area WYSIWYG v3.0 - Update?

    This is the information I have been looking for! After days of trying to play with an install of HTML editor and trying to decipher the mess that it was I was about to give up. I too will look at those other editors too now. Thanks for the advice.
  19. jimsmega

    Adding new shpping module

    Like what? costs money, No?