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    need a tutor Please help

    I am very new to this php stuff and i am having some problems is there anyone that is familar with this stuff what could give a couple hours of your time to get me past these problems. It would be greatly appreciated. If so please contact me either by phone 817-483-9398 or via my reg email at sales@pcncautomation.net
  2. riverwind1962

    page editor question?

    got it i think i know what happend there when i added the page editor for some reason on my pages it makes there is white box there now ( dunno why that went away ) so it uses the page background color and text color from the stylsheet i changed the color in the style sheet were you showed me and that got the text to show up now so why is the area were the text apreaing pushing everything over on the left side of the page if you look at the contact us page you see how big the area is supposed to be but on the pages with text it makes that area larger any suggestions?
  3. riverwind1962

    page editor question?

    i have installed the page editor to a template website and i am haveing some slight problems all seems to be working a little hickup when it creates a page the area were the text would be is black and the text is a dark grey making it very hard to read and the size of the box were the text is, is too big it pushes other objects on the web page into itself to see what i mean please visit i dont really mind the black back ground if the text was lighter can anyone help?
  4. riverwind1962

    page editor question?

    I am sorry i am so new to this php stuff i dont really know were you are talking about sticking this and it seems that i would have to do this to every page i create with the page editor addon i would really like to fix the page editor to work right with my template