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  1. bavautoM3

    OCS to CSS - IE problems

    Notice that in your your index.php file for starters... in the header tages, there is a line that says echo $doctype in your application_top.php file, there should be a variable defined for that. search for $doctype in that file. if nothing shows up, thats why. the contribution did not include in the instructions the code that needs to be added to application_top.php. It should have been right after the instructions for $stylesheet add the following code to application_top.php..somewhere after the $stylesheet instructions. $doctype='<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">'; you should read up about doctypes and how they affect page output in different browser.
  2. bavautoM3

    free shipping by categories support thread

    I installed this and all was good except for selecting the category in the admin. When I choose a category then test by adding a product from that category that gets free shipping, I get an error message about category Array. Seems that when I choose a category in the admin and click update. All settings are updated in the database but the value the category is Array, not the actual category ID. If I go into the database and change the value Array in that field to the actual category ID then the checkout works and gives me the option to choose between paying for shipping(which doesn't make sense, it shouldn't even be there to choose) but free shipping is there too and I'm sure the customer is going to choose that if its displayed. The sort order doesn't seem to be working either because I chose this shipping module to be sort order 0 and flat rate shipping to be sort order 1 but flat rate shipping is still showing up first.
  3. Uggg!! I found it. It was the language file alright. I edited that file several times, making sure I had defined text for HEADING_TITLE. My problem was, in my dev system, I had the url of my production domain configured for the search button, so when you clicked go to do the search, the results showed up but it was the results from my production system. I hadn't modified the language file there yet so naturally it was not going to produce the results cuz nothing changed yet. as soon as I corrected that, the results heading appeared the way it was supposed to. thanks though, I was just as convinced that the language file had to have something to do with it but just overlooked something else and sometimes it takes typing it out and having someone tell you as well to make you pay attention more closely.
  4. I did, that file has a ton of if, else, case statements and in the html is the following.. require(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_PRODUCT_LISTING); that is what's making me believe its using the product listing to produce the output for the search results. seems that all my product listing page files are using the heading from the product listing, not their own so when ever any product listing or output is used, its product_listing.php that is providing that heading. for the heck of it I edited the language file advanced_search.php and added a define statement for HEADING_TITLE and the text but its not being used because the search results page doesn't really have a heading title, it relies on the results served up from the product listing page. the advanced search page seems to be nothing but a bunch of sql select statements with filters, orders, sorts, etc but still needs some code to produce the output so it uses product_listing.php to do that. its driving me nuts. How does everyone else use the search feature with this product listing contribution and not have this problem in the header box?
  5. except that heading, the wide header box, the dropdown sort was never was there until after I addded this module. I looked for the language file but to no avail. I'll keep checking but figured I'd throw it out there in case someone else came across this same issue.
  6. I've run into an issue with the search feature. It seems that the search results are used with the product listing and therefore the heading title as well. Under normal usage, the HEADING_TITLE variable is displaying correctly the category, subcategory, etc, what ever I select, the HEADING_TITLE variable displays something. Problem is when I go to search for a product, the results are displayed but the Header at the top that that is presented in the results shows HEADING_TITLE. And rightfully so because the search result HEADING_TITLE does not have actual text that can be presented. I have all the correct text in the english files, but because this header is coded to look for HEADING_TITLE, it doesn't know what to put in there. this search are is actually using the product listing as part of the results of the search and I can't figure out how to modify that without affecting the actual heading that is correctly displayed when browsing through categories. to see what I'm talking about go here and then search for something, say Tee, or Tank, or raglan. The results will show you what I'm talking about. http://www.rockstarmoms.com
  7. We currently have certain customers use a promo code at checkout to get their usual discount, and we can leverage the "No Specials" with the disount code but I also need to exclude free shipping. The ideal solition is to exclude both No specials and free shipping when a discount code or promo code is used. Anyone done that? I looked at separate pricing per customer and it allows me to restrict free shipping but not exclude specials, so that wont work unless someone has a solution for to exclude specials from certain customers using the separate pricing per customer contribution
  8. We currently have certain customers use a promo code at checkout to get their usual discount, and we can leverage the "No Specials" with the disount code but I also need to exclude free shipping. The ideal solition is to exclude both No specials and free shipping when a discount code or promo code is used. Anyone done that? I looked at separate pricing per customer and it allows me to restrict free shipping but not exclude specials, so that wont work unless someone has a solution for to exclude specials from wholesale customers using the separate pricing per customer contribution
  9. Did you not read my post? I had the same problem, it was always blank until I read how to properly reference the DOCTYPE
  10. I had the exact same issue as a previous user posted, the fancybox popup was showing no image during popup. I knew the image was there because if you deleted some of the code in the header script, a standard window pops up with the image, so the correct image is being called and dislayed, just not using the jquery scripting. I went back to the fancybox website(I must have been there a dozen times) and under the usage page is the very first sentence on how to implement(I overlooked this every time I was there). http://www.fancybox.net/howto It reads... "How to implement First, make sure you are using valid DOCTYPE, this is required for FancyBox to look and function correctly." Then there is a link for what this all means, and how it needs to be on your page. Sure enough, my DOCTYPE for the product_info.php was not complaint(ie the line was missing something). http://www.alistapart.com/articles/doctype/ If you follow the link for valid DOCTYPE, there is a section for valid DOCTYPES that you should use. WARNING, because you will be specifying proper DOCTYPES, your formatting may get thrown off as mine did, this is because the browser was self correcting much if it for me before the correct DOCTYPE was used, now I had to go back and fix some references to my stylesheet.css. So keep that in mind, it may throw off your stylesheets. Do your research, back up your code, and then proceed with caution. This was a solution for me and it worked. I like the look of fancybox better than lightbox or slimbox and was determined to do it, even if it meant reading the instructions !!!!!!!! You know what they say...."If all else fails, read the directions" :) Hope this helps those who struggled so much that they gave up on fancybox.
  11. after I disabled the search engine friendly url option provided by osCommerce, the sort option worked. Thanks.
  12. did the bug fixes.. I did notice that there was no command at the top for debug set to yes or no. what is the full command that I can put at the top of the file to turn on debugging? btw, thanks for the new version that includes height, i'll give it a try later tonight when I get home.
  13. I'm running it on a test windows system currently and it has Apache 2.2.11 MySQL 5.0 PHP 5.2.9-2 No SEO contributions installed yet. I do have search engine friendly option enabled in the admin. I know PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH is in the admin. I'm not asking that. I'm asking where in the code does it say to use that specifically as the width's value. I found one line in the code where it uses that but it doesn't say anything about width equalling something like all the other code that sets the value for the width and height.
  14. i followed the instructions and the product listing is displayed as it was described, i am having a problem with the sort drop downs that are at the bottom of the list. When I am in thumbnail mode, I get a 404 error message from the browser when I select anything other than the default value that is in the box. Could there be a conflict in what I have specified in the admin for the maximum items to display per page(which in my case is 9)? Secondly, before this contribution I have been using width value of 0 and a height value of 160. this allows the thumbnails to always have the same height for each photo and dynamically adjust the width for each photo, the box surrounding the photo is padded to accomodate any size with in reason so the grid layout is consistant for each row. My problem is, this new product listing is calculating the photo size based on the width only and there is not a value to specify for the height. I thought about replacing the width values for the height in the code but I can't seem to locate where PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH is bound to the width.
  15. bavautoM3

    USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping

    This contribution worked out great for me and the install worked without any problems. I did as I always do with the first two steps, that is, backup, and then make sure the backup is good. Here's my problem. I got gutsy and daring so I decided to alter the desctiptions of the shipping methods so they would say first class, priority, express international, instead of the envelope, small box, regular box, etc.... and so on. Well that didn't work out too well so I retreated and decided to just stick with the provided code. I replaced the two php files in their proper place. I also uninstalled the module. I went back into admin to install the module but when I click on the install button, nothing happens. There is no confirmation that the new shipping module is installed. I'm assuming its not becuase the install button is still there after I click on it. I checked the database to see if there is something left over from the first install but nothing. I checked all the modified files to see if they still existed but I've replaced the modified files with their original version before the modification. I' ve been racking my brain for the past 3 hours and don't understand what the hell is going on. It worked fine when I first installed and it should work fine after the original files were restored. Am I missing something with the uninstall and reinstall?