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  1. okz thanks alot you have done great help already i'll try to fix it myself. bye :blush: :rolleyes:
  2. sory for the miss-nameing :P i didn't mean to bother you. I've tried to use the origional one, but it the arrangement became even worse :(
  3. thanks sam, I've seen the validiator, and unfortunately i didn't know how fix it !! so, is there anyway to enable the hack in product listing in the index, and have the new products page as the origional?
  4. the new products page isn't arranged. ex: http://www.citydvd.net/products_new.php hope you can help me with it.
  5. i mean this part surrounded by the red oval its translation :" new products of month august "
  6. hey sam the product is great but i want to remove this "new product from (month)" part thanks again for the great product