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    PupStar reacted to kymation in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    Do whatever you want. I'm playing with upgrading 2.3.4 (buttons right now). I don't know if any of this code will get used, but it keeps me amused.
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    PupStar reacted to Harald Ponce de Leon in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    Yes, the work with BS3 will eventually make it into an official release. Gary mentioned he will soon publish a roadmap so please wait for that.
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    PupStar reacted to burt in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    This is great news that everyone should be really pleased about. This bring osCommerce to a much more modern place amongst its peers, and should see an influx of new users when the word gets out...
    More details on this to follow.
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    PupStar reacted to joli1811 in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    Now that is looking great :thumbsup:
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    PupStar reacted to mattjt83 in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    OK, I have reworked the horizontal header menu by extending the category tree class, which is much cleaner than the previous solution I had used. There is also an option to include the manufacturers. You can see multiple sublevel categories on the "Test" category:
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    PupStar reacted to bruyndoncx in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    where do we stand on categories in the navigation bar - is yamm3! an option to consider ?
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    PupStar reacted to burt in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    @@PupStar - it's a table so it's difficult. My initial response would be "turn your phone sideways" :D
    I'll have to think on it.
    Could you do me a favour and check if the grid/list view works for you?
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    PupStar reacted to bruyndoncx in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    Now, I could live with that too, except for the reviews - I don't think they merit a navbar slot, they should just be linked to on the product info page
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    PupStar got a reaction from bruyndoncx in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    with the header being redesigned move the shopping cart infobox to the header and maybe even the search box if it will fit.
    Personally the language and currency should be done away with and switch automatically with geo location (if thats the right term)
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    PupStar got a reaction from wolfapache in Information Pages Unlimited v1.0   
    its because you do not have the 'ckeditor' installed.
    Install this http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7650
    and all should be ok.
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    PupStar got a reaction from scastro in Easy Populate & Products Attributes   
    whats wrong with using http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7725 ???
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    PupStar got a reaction from nx7t in Master Products - MS2   
    I am in a same situation as Ronald who required the fix below however my need is slightly different ;)
    I have done the steps below and all good so far apart from I have an extra rule that needs applying. I have a field in the database called 'products_restricted_status', if this is set to 1 then the product will not be allowed for sale and if it is set to 0 it can be purchased.
    I added to the line in product_info.php

    if ($master_check['products_master_status'] > 0 || $master_check['products_master'] == 0 || $master_check['products_restricted_status'] = 0) {
    But this still does not allow the product to be added to the cart.
    Any ideas on how to sort this? Do I need to change the 'add_slave' code in application_top????