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  1. PupStar

    Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    @@BrockleyJohn ok did a fresh copy of the files, not sure what happened but its now working spot on :) Thanks
  2. PupStar

    Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    @@BrockleyJohn, ok grabbed them files and nothing has changed and no errors urgh
  3. PupStar

    Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    @@BrockleyJohn I am using the latest version of Edge which I downloaded 02/10 I have placed 4 test orders for the same customer and still no 'All Orders' tab
  4. PupStar

    Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    @@BrockleyJohn I have installed this and I dont seem to have an 'All Orders' tab showing even though there are 3 test orders placed. Am I missing something? Thanks Mark
  5. @@auzStar oh yes the vertical centering is ok.
  6. yes to the above. I found that changing left: 50%; to left: 38%; solved the centralising issue
  7. @@auzStar personally I left if unstyled as on my test environment it shows the animation off set to the right on full view but on mobile view in chrome it shows in the center. Mark
  8. @@auzStar May I suggest that the animated loading gif be replaced with an animated icon to keep in with the bootstrap theme bodyContent_listing.html(\'<div class="text-center"><span class="fa fa-cog fa-spin fa-4x fa-fw"></span></div>\'); Mark
  9. @@Tsimi no worries mate I will keep trying and see what I come up with Thanks M
  10. @@Tsimi, No slider as I dont really like scrolling boxes, basically 1 vertical column of 3 products Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 If that makes sense Thanks M
  11. @@Tsimi I was just wondering if you know how to change the code to show 3 products in the info box instead of just 1. Back in the old days of 2.2 I used a while loop which is I presume how it would be done today, I have tried to implement the code but keep breaking it lol Thanks M
  12. PupStar

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @@Dan Cole sorry mate only localhost
  13. PupStar

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @@Dan Cole Hi, Sterling work by the way from all involved in this :thumbsup: All other modules are set to 12
  14. PupStar

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @@raiwa When the modules are side by side ie both modules content width set to 6 this is how it looks The modules are not aligning, any ideas? Mark
  15. PupStar

    Missing Payment Methods in admin

    @@LittleBigPet Mark, have you actually gone to admin>modules>payment and installed them?