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  1. PupStar

    Product Quantity Box

    @Jack_mcs I have found it easier to layout the product page this way and not come across any conflicts yet. I will have a go at changing it over but no promises lol
  2. PupStar

    Product Quantity Box

    @Jack_mcs Strictly speaking yes but when I have created new modules for the product_info page I have created them as pi_ in includes/modules/pi which has given me greater control over module placement on the page where as when I change the sort order of the quantity module as is I can not place it where I want it to be to fit in with my design
  3. PupStar

    Product Quantity Box

    Hi @Jack_mcs Just a quick question. Why was this done as a content module rather than a product_info module which would allow more control on the modular product page?
  4. PupStar

    Product Quantity Box

    I thought it was me lol Thanks Jack
  5. PupStar

    Product Quantity Box

    @Jack_MCS I have just looked through all of the downloaded files and can not see any reference to icons in any of the files Am I missing something?
  6. PupStar

    Product Quantity Box

    @ Jack_MCS Hi Jack, After a couple of minor changes I have got this working on the latest version of Phoenix. Is there an easy way of adding +/- either side of the input field or would that need a radical rethink?
  7. @raiwa ok the error has gone as I did not realise the store front was still logged in Now that is cleared the error has gone so I csn only presume it has something to do with PWA
  8. Turned PWA off completely and the error is still there urgh
  9. @raiwa ah ok Rainer I did not realise there were check boxes for create_account_pwa I have now checked all boxes relevant to the customer address but the error still persists
  10. I am using the deafult template anyway
  11. Hi Rainer, I have just install PWA Phoenix 4.3.4 in Phoenix v1.0.7.11 I copied all the files and thought I had it setup correctly until I tested the install and now received this error on checkout_shipping.php
  12. @JcMagpie Just wondering if you have tried this on the latest version of Phoenix, I have but got this error
  13. PupStar

    Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    @@BrockleyJohn ok did a fresh copy of the files, not sure what happened but its now working spot on :) Thanks