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  1. Push on cart modual

    Nothing stopping the OP from updating it also available https://apps.oscommerce.com/zXMTg&modal-cart-bs
  2. Push on cart modual

    What about this https://apps.oscommerce.com/wr1Is&upsell
  3. @@piernas OK thanks, I have now sorted the button height by adding this to user.css .button-height {height: 40px;} and only adding the class to the buttons not in the standard addon did you have any luck with the reorder issue Mark
  4. @@piernas Thanks for getting back to me. I will have a look at the code and report back
  5. @@piernas still not resolved issue 1 and 2 above, any chance you could revisit and advise? Thanks Mark
  6. @@piernas ok I have created another button called 'Home' using the same principles applied to the spare_parts button. Now 3 issues I can not seem to solve: 1. The sort order does not stay in the same position from desktop to mobile view 2. All of the buttons are not the same height, any ideas on how to make them all the same size 3. I can not seem to see how to add some padding above the mobile buttons See attached screenshots. Thanks Mark
  7. @@piernas I have solved the issue of the link/button not showing, half of the __construct function was missing :thumbsup: function __construct() { $this->title = MODULE_NAVBAR_EXTRA_SPARE_PARTS_TITLE; $this->description = MODULE_NAVBAR_EXTRA_SPARE_PARTS_DESCRIPTION; if ( defined('MODULE_NAVBAR_EXTRA_SPARE_PARTS_STATUS') ) { $this->sort_order = MODULE_NAVBAR_EXTRA_SPARE_PARTS_SORT_ORDER; $this->enabled = (MODULE_NAVBAR_EXTRA_SPARE_PARTS_STATUS == 'True'); } }
  8. @@milerwan @@frankl yes your right, I had not spotted that.
  9. @@piernas sorry to bug you at this time of year but I dont suppose you have had chance to give your code the once over have you? I have had a go but not sure why it will not display :wacko:
  10. @@milerwan I have it working on my test site thanks to @@frankl and the posts above but I have not yet attempted the seperate admin page. I may attempt it between christmas and new year if I get time away from the family festivities :P
  11. @@piernas I have tried the code above but nothing shows either on desktop or mobile??? Mark
  12. @piernas I still have not worked this out if you woud not mind helping out. Thanks Mark
  13. @@aurelou I can only replicate this problem when viewing the my site using a responsive site tester I have installed in chrome. If I view the site on my Samsung mobile or Lenovo tablet the buttons work ok. How are you viewing your site? Mark
  14. @@greasemonkey yeah done that now thanks, not sure what I was doing wrong lol