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  1. Sorry about that Jack. I posted it in the wrong forum. I have since resolved the issue. Thank you! Alex
  2. jablythe

    Header Tags for novices

    I have this contribution installed and I love it! The only question I have is regarding the Category meta tag portion. When I log into my admin portion of the site and edit the meta tag title name, description, and keywords, and then I visit my site (http://www.jabcellular.com) and click on the different categories, nothing changes.. The titles are the same, etc.. I'm not getting any errors, it just simply does not change. Please advise!! Thank you, Alex
  3. Folks, This contribution is awesome! I have not had any issues with it what so ever. The only item I am in question about is the category meta tag portion. When I add title, keywords, and descriptions to my category meta tag editor, it is not reflected on the category page of my store (http://www.jabcellular.com Does anyone have any advice as to what I might be or have done wrong? I'm not getting any error messages, it just simply is not taking affect when I make changes. Thank you, Alex
  4. Hey Guys, As I mentioned above, I was able to install this contribution without a problem! However, one concern I have is when you visit my site (http://www.jabcellular.com) and click on a product, the title of the page never changes from what it is on the index page. For example, on ever page, the titel is JAB Cellular - "Cellphones Without the Contract!" and when you click on a proudct to view the product page, instead of having the product name as the title of the page, it just says; JAB Cellular - "Cellphones Without the Contract!" What might be causing this? How can I fix/change this? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time, and I look forward to your reply! Best Regards,
  5. Hey Folks! First, thank you for this awesome contribution! I was able to install this without a problem -- VERY NICE! Second, would you guys mind checking out my store to make it works okay with the contribution installed now? http://www.jabcellular.com Thank you,