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  1. Im looking for the Alertpay Gateway for Interspire Shopping Cart for my site. If someone can make it i would apreciate it. I can ftp it up to my site self so no installation necessary all i need is for someone to make this module so i can use it with my insterspire shopping cart. So in detail: If you have used interspire shopping cart before you will see all the payment gateways in the script such as paypal, google checkout etc.. What i want is to have a gateway for Alertpay ( so customers can buy instantly from my store and when they go through the checkout proceedure they can choose the option of paying by Alertpay. Also would like to be told how long will it take as i need it as quickly as possible
  2. Dear All, Any body, how to make a flat shipping cost but some country has different cost For sample : USA, Canada, Australia USD 15.00 but for France, UK, Turki = USD 18.00 I want to apply at thanks