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  1. athcollectibles

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Okay that worked, although I have more shipping options and it looks like this: $this->intl_types = array('Global Express' => 'Global Express Guaranteed', 'Global Express Non-Doc Rect' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular', 'Global Express Non-Doc Non-Rect' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular', 'Global Express Envelopes' => 'USPS GXG Envelopes', 'Express Mail Int' => 'Express Mail International (EMS)', 'Express Mail Int Flat Rate Env' => 'Express Mail International (EMS) Flat-Rate Envelope', 'Priority Mail International' => 'Priority Mail International', 'Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Env' => 'Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope', 'Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Box' => 'Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Box', 'Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Lrg Box' => 'Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box', 'First Class Mail Int Lrg Env' => 'First Class Mail International Large Envelope', 'First Class Mail Int Package' => 'First Class Mail International Package', 'First Class Mail Int Letters' => 'First Class Mail International Letters', 'First Class Mail Int Flats' => 'First Class Mail International Flats', 'First Class Mail Int Parcels' => 'First Class Mail International Parcels');
  2. athcollectibles

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I am seeing this exact same problem and I didn't notice that anyone answered with a resolution. My international customers are selecting First Class International but are then defaulted to Global Express once they reach the payment screen. Obviously there are ways around this but using the USPS module is more accurate and allows the customer to choose a faster method if they so wish. Has anyone solved this problem?