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  1. Glows

    Store statistics

    Thx you very much for this useful contrib :)
  2. Glows

    Header Tags SEO

    Thx you very much for your explanations, in fact Ultimate SEO was no up to date. I did it and it succeeds. But one problem remain : the configuration works perfectly on my production server but not on my localhost. Everytime I try to click in a category, it redirects me to http://localhost whereas when I click on the contact us page for example, there is no problem. I guess that it is the htaccess which is incriminated but I already tried to modifify the path and the only result I got was error 500. PS : I'm using Wamp and rewritemod is enable and global register too. Thx again for your time !!!! :rolleyes:
  3. Glows

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, First of all, I would like to thank you for the hard and great job you're doing with this contrib. You have really all my respect for sharing yout skills. I'm expecting the exactly same issue as beekay in page 2. Actually, I can't find why this problem is happening because when I disable Ultimate SEO, the title, keywords and description of all my products reappear correctly. When I enable Ultimate SEO, all this information disappear. Since the post of beekay, have you ever seen this case and do you have any solution to solve it? Thx you in advance for your time !!
  4. Glows

    Modern Template for RC2a

    I finally solved the problem with this contribution : http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4589 Thank you anyway for your help !!
  5. Glows

    Modern Template for RC2a

    Thx for your answer but I thought it could be that too but I still have the same error. Do you see an other possible solution?
  6. Glows

    Modern Template for RC2a

    Someone please?
  7. Glows

    Modern Template for RC2a

    Hi, Your template is really great and easy to setup. Thx for your job. But I have exactly the same issue when I enable the cache, whereas if it is not enabled, all is ok. Can you please help me ? Thx for your time Glows