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  1. ive been thinking about a less painless way since hearing about it last night. removing the need for cookies completely and using sessions instead is one option the other (for people who need to use cookies) will need to ask the European users permission when first accessing the website. rough example: this website requires the use of cookies but due to new European law we must ask for your permission to store cookies on your computer. do you wish to enable cookies. selecting no will prevent you from using the site properly and may effect your shopping etc etc. (yes / no button here) obviously there would need to be a rewrite of the cookie functions to accommodate this permission request but i havnt got that far yet
  2. The way websites track visitors and tailor ads to their behaviour is about to undergo a big shake-up. full article here:
  3. theres a discussion already started on this recently, i havnt kept up to date with it but i think some progress is being made:
  4. just read your description of the contribution again my appologies i read it wrong, again. im blaming late nights and lack of sleep >_< no worries though, ill create another function to ask the customer if they want the product or not. if yes then add product if not dont add product and add another field to the customers basket "wants_free_product" yes/no and have the get1free function checking this to stop it from adding automatically. thanks for the response & the contribution :thumbsup:
  5. before i asked if its easy enough to add the free product based on an attributes value. i use an attribute called quantity as my quantities are 5,000 6,000, 10,000 (didnt want an editable user input) so i created a function to check the quantity value and changed the get1free function in includes/classes/shopping_cart.php i only had to change 1 line in this function: $products_quantity = $this->contents[$products_id]['qty']; change to $products_quantity = $this->get_atrribute_quantity(); this works great and adds the product but i am unable to remove the free product, i suspect it is removing it but when the shopping cart page reloads its adding it again. do you have any suggestions ?
  6. i went ahead with the install and all seems to be ok without that file missing in the install.txt
  7. thanks for replying Jim im installing this contribution now but it appears there are files missing from "BUG FIX: wrong free product count in the includesclasses/shopping_cart.php" on the contribution page. in the install it says catalog/admin/includes/functions/get_1_free.php but there is no folder "functions" i cant find it in some of the earlier updates either ?
  8. forget point 2 i never read the readme correctly
  9. i have some questions about this, its what i want but not sure if it can do the following: 1. can the free product be specified by the admin (customer buys 30,000 flyers and gets 1 x A1 Poster free added to their cart) 2. can the customer remove the free product without having to reduce the quantity of there initial order 3. do you think it would be easy enough for me to modify this code to add the free product based on an attributes value rather than the products quantity ? thanks, - Andy
  10. seems a nice contribution to have actually, helps those in need of help. i might do something after ive finished all my own work
  11. been reading a few topics here regarding changes being made by rbs worldpay i am just about to install the worldpay 4.0 v1.0 located here just wondering if at present this contribution still works, and as my customer has not yet setup his worldpay account i cannot test it. also im hesitant to download from the contributions page as there are so many different people adding fix's and 6 other downloads from people with NO NAMES! i dont know which download to use which one is trusted and who are these people with no names can these downloads really be trusted. i feel my thoughts are warranted with regards to online payment security and would like a little reassurance.
  12. i know its been a couple of years but does anyone has any info about this
  13. on specials.php the insert button is still windows gui button not your own graphic button but otherwise THANKS! admin panel doesnt look so dead anymore