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  1. Hi, I was trying to configure Live Search Cashback for my site, site has only one payment method - Google checkout. The problem is that i need to send 2 additional variables to Google Checkout - this is needed to save IDs from LiveSearch Cashback for each confirmed order. After that I need to receive those 2 vars back from GoogleAccount when I load orders list from Google in my store's admin. Is there any way to do this?
  2. egy

    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    I have installed this add-on. Everything works excellent, but when it in 'sandbox' mode and customer clicks on 'Place Order' button at payments.amazon.com page, system redirects it back to my site, shows the Order ID and shows the Order ID and sends me email with new order details, BUT this order does not add to 'Orders' section at sellercentral.amazon.com Could you please tell me if this is OK in 'sandbox mode' or not? Thank you.