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  1. Hallo zusammen, hat jemand von Euch schon einmal mit ozeworks.com gearbeitet? Welche Erfahrungen habt Ihr gemacht? Zuverlässigkeit? Da die Firma Vorkasse verlangt und in den USA sitzt, wäre eine brauchbare Referenz vorher nett… Danke + Grüße weinhexe
  2. @Hi J.J. thanks for correcting my post and adding the modification; I overlooked it indeed. Regards weinhexe
  3. Hello, De Dokta, a member of the German osc support forum rewrote a part of the seo.class.php: Lines 63 - 156: function SEO_DataBase($host, $user, $db, $pass){ $this->host = $host; $this->user = $user; $this->db = $db; $this->pass = $pass; $this->ConnectDB(); //// $this->SelectDB(); } # end function /** * Function to connect to MySQL * @[member='author'] Bobby Easland * @version 1.1 */ function ConnectDB(){ $this->link_id = mysqli_connect($this->host, $this->user, $this->pass, $this->db); if (!$this->link_id) { die('Connect Error (' . mysqli_connect_errno() . ') ' . mysqli_connect_error()); } } # end function /** * Function to select the database * @[member='author'] Bobby Easland * @version 1.0 * @[member='Return'] resoource * function SelectDB(){ return mysqli_select_db($this->link_id, $this->db); } # end function /** * Function to perform queries * @[member='author'] Bobby Easland * @version 1.0 * @[member='param'] string $query SQL statement * @[member='Return'] resource */ function Query($query){ $result = mysqli_query($this->link_id, $query); return $result; } # end function /** * Function to fetch array * @[member='author'] Bobby Easland * @version 1.0 * @[member='param'] resource $resource_id * @[member='param'] string $type MYSQL_BOTH or MYSQL_ASSOC * @[member='Return'] array */ function FetchArray($resource_id, $type = MYSQL_BOTH){ if ($resource_id) { $result = mysqli_fetch_array($resource_id, $type); return $result; } return false; } # end function /** * Function to fetch the number of rows * @[member='author'] Bobby Easland * @version 1.0 * @[member='param'] resource $resource_id * @[member='Return'] mixed */ function NumRows($resource_id){ return @mysqli_num_rows($resource_id); } # end function /** * Function to fetch the last insertID * @[member='author'] Bobby Easland * @version 1.0 * @[member='Return'] integer */ function InsertID() { return mysqli_insert_id(); } /** * Function to free the resource * @[member='author'] Bobby Easland * @version 1.0 * @[member='param'] resource $resource_id * @[member='Return'] boolean */ function Free($resource_id){ return @mysqli_free_result($resource_id); } # end function De Dokta tested his modification on php 5.4, I tested it on php 5.5 and it seems to work correctly. Regards weinhexe
  4. Hi and thanks for the information. The mysql is deprecated in php 5.5 – I am using a local MAMP installation to test it. If you feel like rewriting the code to mysqli, I can give assistance testing it.
  5. Hello, thanks to the SEO URLs my running shop is found pretty well in the search engines. Good work! Now our hoster plans to upgrade from php 5.3 to 5.5.x, which causes a lot of upgrading work in the shop system. Finally I decided to set up a new shop system and I am working now on the modifications. My question is, if there's any chance to use the SEO URLs on this new shop? I tried an installation, but it creates lots of errors because the seo.class.php uses mysql and no mysqli. Is there any plan to create an upgrade for this wonderful addon? I suppose many more users might be interested in an upgrade. I read somewhere in the earlier posts suppress the error statements – but I am afraid this will help only on short term and will create trouble with our hoster. Any reply is appreciated! Thanks weinhexe
  6. weinhexe

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Hi Tracy, thanks for those hints. 1. I changed this one to true: Unfortunately no result. Maybe Nate will have the ultimative idea? Kind regards, weinhexe
  7. weinhexe

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Hi Nate, thanks for this contribution. It is exactly what I dreamt of. I use the horizontal drop down version which works well on standard OSC. One problem: Because of the layout of my homepage, I want to put the whole shop into a layer, so that I can put some picts + logo around it. As soon as I use this layer for the 3 main colums, the horizontal menu flies out showing the submenus far away down to the right side from the main bar, which is positioned correctly. This is the layer I use: #innen{ position:absolute; width:630px; height:625px; z-index:1; left: 140px; top: 250px; overflow: visible; bottom: 3px; } It doesn't make any difference, if I put the menu into or outside of the layer or into an extra layer. If I delete the layer above, it works properly. It seems something is not compatible. Do you have any idea what I could do? Thanks a lot! weinhexe