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  1. airuma


    Could you clarify something for me? Does this contribution works if I am affiliated to another site (ie. amazon.com) or if another site is affiliated to me? Thanks!
  2. airuma

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Still waiting for any ideas on how to fix this. PLEASE!!
  3. airuma

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Ok, I got the database.php error figured out, but I still have a problem. When a customer places an order and chooses the attribute, the attribute is not transfered to the database like everything else and they see this on the checkout confirmation (and the same shows on the order side on the admin): 1 Dress -: The table orders_products_attributes is empty in the following fields: products_options products_options_values for all products purchased since I installed this contribution. All the other tables look ok, I rechecked them quite a bit. When placing an order, the customer can see the attributes all the way through checkout until the checkout confirmation page, so there is probably something just not going through when they click the "continue" button after all the data is entered. Everything else goes through, though except for the attributes. Someone PLEASE help. This is a live shop and I've had to ask customers via email what the attributes they chose were. I need to figure this out but I can't put my finger on it! :'(
  4. Hey there, I had a similar problem and I finally figured out it was because I had updated from a previous version and didn't remove some code from that version to add the new one (ok, I know, sounds confusing). My 2 cents are - check the code on that page and make sure it doesn't state the same thing twice, also check for extra { and [ - those are usually culprits. And by the way, check that on the product_info page too. The database.php is hardly ever the problem. Hope it helps - I am not an expert on this (yet!) *L*
  5. After installing Attribute Sets, I get this message everytime I try to EDIT a product: All that changes is the product ID # but all the products I tried to edit give the same error. When I ADD a product it seams to work ok, no problems, but as soon as I go back and try to edit, I get the same thing over again. Tha lines on the database.php files are as follows: function tep_db_query($query, $link = 'db_link') { global $$link, $logger; if (defined('STORE_DB_TRANSACTIONS') && (STORE_DB_TRANSACTIONS == 'true')) { if (!is_object($logger)) $logger = new logger; $logger->write($query, 'QUERY'); } $result = mysql_query($query, $$link) or tep_db_error($query, mysql_errno(), mysql_error()); if (defined('STORE_DB_TRANSACTIONS') && (STORE_DB_TRANSACTIONS == 'true')) { if (mysql_error()) $logger->write(mysql_error(), 'ERROR'); } return $result; } With line 45 being the one starting with $result = mysql_query... I don't think the error is on the database.php file, though, because these lines look just like the original ones. I am just lost and have no clue where to look. I've been posting in other threads for a while, but no reply. Someone PLEASE help!!!
  6. airuma

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I'm having a similar problem as the one guy above. The error I get is this: It comes up when I try to EDIT a product, no matter if it has attributes or not (the only thing that changes between products is the product id, the rest is always the same) When I try to add a product, everything looks and works peachy. Here is line 45 on the admin/includes/functions/database.php It has never been edited, and is identical to the original. $result = mysql_query($query, $$link) or tep_db_error($query, mysql_errno(), mysql_error()); Where should I be looking at to fix this? Thanks.
  7. Hey guys, I just need an opinion on this. I have a store that sells basically 3 things: Jewelry, Art, and Clothing. On the art prints and the clothing I've been using the Attribute Sets contribution, but I've been having a problem with it (attributes look fine from the customer side but choice doesn't appear) and this QTpro contribution seems a better deal as far as keeping track of the stock. So, do I delete Attribute Sets if I install this or should/would they work together? Second, there are some jewelry items that I have that would be better with the Option as Images contribution. Stock is not so much an issue on those because they are handmade to order. I haven't installed that one yet. Just trying to figure out what would work with what. Any input? Thanks
  8. Hi there, Ok. Everything looks like it works all right HOWEVER, when I send a gift voucher by email to a customer, no matter what amount I make it for, it shows up on their email (and when they redeem it) as $0!! How to fix that??
  9. Wendy, this was my question - I have some products that would do better with attribute sets and some with the options as images. Do both work fine together then? I am so scared of getting the option as images and it messing up the attibute sets!
  10. airuma

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Ok, please help me figure out what's going on here... I had one of the early versions installed and although everything seemed to work ok on the buyer's end, when I got the orders on the administration end I'd see something like this: 1 x Cascading Ear-Cuff - : - : The two " -: " are where the attributes are supposed to be (one for gemstone and one for crystal color) that were selected at the items's description on the website (http://www.airuma.com/product_info.php/cPath/70_3/products_id/374?osCsid=124888f169b9248bed926cebe97ef0c7) So, after seen there was another few versions loaded, I got my husband to download the latest and set it up, also checking if there was anything I was missing from my previous install. Well, everything works about the same. I still get the - : under the products, and I can't figure out what's gone wrong. Please help! Thanks!!
  11. I had one of the first versions installed of this contributions, and it seemed to work ok, but when the buyer made a choice, let's say, a shirt size, it didn't show on my administration side. All I'd see was ":_ " under the item, where the size was supposed to be. So I got my husband to look at it and install the newer version instead. Well, it still doesn't work (same thing happening), and now when I click on "Contents" from the Admininstration it gives me this: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CASE in /home/airuma/public_html/admin/categories.php on line 324 We checked the categories.php file around the area where line 324 against the original OSCommerce file, and it is the same. It didn't get modified by the contribution (at least not on that spot) so I am thinking the problem is really somewhere else. Any idea what might be causing all these? Thanks for the input!
  12. Same question. I have the banner in a box installed and it is working great, I just would like to have a few banners, one on top of the other, in the same box. How do we do that?
  13. airuma

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Still can't figure it out. It all look fine to me. But of course, I am no expert. :blink: I'm updating to the 4.0 version, maybe that will correct it? I'll let you know if it doesn't work.
  14. airuma

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I have a problem... It all seems to work fine, but when I get the orders, there are no descriptions of the attributes. For example, instead of getting a small, medium or large under the product description, all it show is a " -:" Where, and how, can I fix that? Thanks!
  15. airuma

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I added the files just as the instructions said, and it seems to work great, but when I go add a new product, this is what I see: The "Manufacturers" is missing. There is a part on the instructions that I remember where a lot of the manufacturer attributes got substituted by the sorter. Or am I wrong? Where do I "fix" it? Thanks