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  1. I've been having a really odd problem with EP and hope someone could help me with. I've been using EP v2.74 for the longest time without any problems, but recently upgraded to v2.76i because I started to use QTYPro and XSell. I updated all my existing products without any problems and it worked great in the past 2 weeks. However, today I wanted to add NEW products into my store. I used the v2.76i and it was added sucessfully to my SQL database (I went into phpMyAdmin -> products and found the newly added products there just like the old products, even with chronological product_id) but it does not show in the admin and the store. I've compared with the old products in the database and do not see any differences. All data are imported to the correct fields in the database but is not being read by oscommerce. I re-uploaded the v2.74 and import the exact same excel. It shows the products being UPDATED (not new because they're already in the database) and then it shows up in the store and admin. I'm wondering if anyone could enlighten me what possible problem it could be. Or else, I would need to use the v2.74 to import new products and use v2.76i to define the QTYPro and XSell which is quite troublesome. Thank you.
  2. atashi

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    I'm having trouble as well for shipping charge. I'm using the MultiGeozone MultiTable addon and it does not work. I'm wondering if it could be the checkout_shipping_address that changed the variable of the country name and so it does not work. Is there a fix for this?
  3. I've been using MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping for a couple years on MS2.2 without any trouble. Yesterday, I decided to upgrade the site to RC2.2 but after the upgrade, MZMT does not show up in the checkout_shipping anymore. I tried to install other shipping modules and they all work fine. I also tried removing MZMT and reinstall it but it still does not show. I'm just wondering if anyone also had this problem. Is there any solution?