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  1. Hi , I get this error "Credit Card Error: The card entered is being declined. This most often is due to incorrectly entered information. Please try re-entering your information" I have read the entire list of posting here but I find my issue a bit different as I am using the demo site provided by VM at https://demo.myvirtualmerchant.com/VirtualM...Demo/process.do to do the credit card payment processing. I have tried changing the url in the chargeit.php but it does not seem to get to through validation as I have worked with a level 2 tech at VM to no avail. They do not see the transaction getting to their service at all. I checked the payment fields were like the image you posted in page 1, post 14 I checked the system setup had the refferer correctly entered as in page 1, post 16 I installed a clean version of osCommerce then added teh module & follow the directions the only other change was the url for processing. Does this module work with VM demo system or only with VM's production environment? The boss wants to make sure osCommerce will work with VM before committing to using them. Thanks in advance for your help