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  1. darkxkiller

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    the item and item description is off to to the right side :/ i tried going into product.info and changed alignment to left from center... and it didn't do anything. http://omgitsdk.freehostia.com/catalog/pro...r7bfaqbi75fkri2
  2. darkxkiller

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    sorry to keep troubling people, but how do i fix this? it's not only in ie, but also in firefox and safari. thank you
  3. darkxkiller

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    alright thanks i did that and everything, and it shows the 3 images thing with the icons right now. but whenever i press preview before adding the product, it shows a blank page... and when i go into a folder within my catalog, i get this message: 1146 - Table 'danzhe1_hi.TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES' doesn't exist SELECT additional_images_id, medium_images, popup_images, thumb_images, images_description FROM TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES where products_id = '53' danzhe1_hi is mysql,and i'm pretty sure table_additional_images is there... how am i supposed to fix this error? I searched through the forum, people posted about editing product_info.php; if u did that, how did you do it exactly? Thank you very much! and sorry to be a hassle
  4. darkxkiller

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    hihi! first sorry for not contributing more, i'm mostly a gamer on another forum, so havn't had much time to be here and just started trying oscommerce... so i installed this thing by uploading everything in the package. then i ran the configure and got this: but then i went back into add new product and i still have this: i looked through the thread from page 1 to page 22... then i got bored... skipped to 40 to 56 and i couldn't really find anything that helped. please point me in the right direction. thank you sooo soo much!