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  1. PieterToo

    Recover Cart Sales

    Great... this solved this problem as well :) Thanks Ben. now up to my next problem, as of today the shop wont send out emails anymore. But that is for another thread :) Again, thanks Ben.
  2. PieterToo

    Recover Cart Sales

    You were right, i had double entries in my database, even though i think i followed the update instructions precisely. Anyway, no problem, they are gone now. now i have one last problem, which ?probably? has to do with the moving of the oscommerce database from a mysql4 database to a mysql5 database, without making the needed amendments first. this is the error message i get: Working... Warning: mktime() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in /mounted-storage/home41b/sub001/sc26924-LGMZ/avon.verzorgingsproducten.info/avonshop/admin/stats_recover_cart_sales.php on line 27 Done! Any ideas about this? it has to do with how the substrings are "extracted" from the date-parm i think, but how and what, i dont know
  3. PieterToo

    Recover Cart Sales

    Ben, thanks, with your answer i could get it to work again. Just have one ?problem? now, when in recover cart sales configuration, many items there are double? so twice the question how many days you want to get back, and several more. The version installed was 1.4, and i have ugraded to the latest version now. could this be the cause of those double lines in the confuguration screen?
  4. PieterToo

    Recover Cart Sales

    Have no idea if this has been asked before, after skimming through this topic I couldnt find it. What is the matter: I have taken over for a friend of mine to keep his osCommerce shop up to date. There was a version of Recover Cart Sales installed, but after moving it from one server to another, and then again from that server to another, it was lost somewhere. In the configuration you can still see the recover cart sales option, but not in the reports and/or tools. Also in the database i see the scart table, but nothing in the admin side of the site. First of all, I dont know which version of recover cart sales was installed, so i dont know how i have to upgrade to the latest version. Else, is it possible to do a new install,run the sql queries, and start afresh?