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  1. But now I noticed that some of my top categories become after some time a wrong url.


    e.g. http://www.my_great_site/categorie-c-31_29_33_41_34_32'>http://www.my_great_site/categorie-c-31_29_33_41_34_32


    instead of http://www.my_great_site/categorie-c-31


    but when i reset the usu5 cache all works as expected.


    Hi Harry


    I reported a problem with similar symptoms some time ago but Robert indicated to me that I was the only one with this problem and that it must be a problem with my own configuration. I think another person has since reported the same type of issue so that makes three of us now.


    The problem I had only occurred with the category urls and it could be temporarily fixed by clearing the cache but then would happen again within a few hours.


    If you figure out the problem, please post the solution so we may benefit.



  2. Did you mean "and supports my view that our code is LIKELY to be the problem" because where you say "I have applied the potential fix in my test environment in which I cannot reproduce this problem" suggests that, as on my local site where I have your categories and products installed, the problem does not exist.


    Just trying to get a handle on it.


    I meant that my code and your contribution work fine in my test environment but there are issues, as reported, in my live environment. This leads me to conclude that my code is unlikely to be the problem and that, perhaps due to the high volume of calls to this contrib in the live environment, some corruption occurs.


    You haven't mentioned the code that I sent you to attempt to solve it for you?


    I tested the code you sent but had to switch it off minutes later because I was seeing category links like:





    which implied that the category name was being dropped and the problematic leading zero was still evident.


    Any other ideas?

  3. @leafyglade


    Also and for your information: -


    The cache is not corrupted as you keep mentioning .. you sent me the cache file and it is perfectly formed.


    When a gzdeflate(serialize( array is corrupt then it is CORRUPT it will not inflate and unserialize also when such a file corrupts it doesn't "neatly" append 0_ to array values.


    You contacted me via email and I wrote a potential fix for the "what I believe to be" localised issues but you have not responded.


    I am quite comfortable as of this moment that the issue is with the coding of your website and not with USU5.


    Given the apparent unpredictability of the contribution in my environment after a period of time it seemed to me that a corrupt cache was the most likely issue but of course I accept your subsequent statement about the memory leak and agree that this explains the PHP error reported.


    I have applied the potential fix in my test environment (in which I cannot reproduce this problem and supports my view that our code is unlikely to be the problem) and I will apply it to our live site later this week when I have time to monitor it hourly. Unfortunately, the memory leak that we experienced meant that customers were unable to complete orders until I switched off the contribution with significant consequences for us.


    Lest my posts do not fully indicate it, I very much appreciate the attention you are giving to supporting your contribution and I am hopeful that this can be resolved and made permanently live on our site.

  4. Actually no I've identified no problem.


    I thought I'd identified a problem because I saw cPaths like 0_1230_2370_2870_28703350


    I therefore thought that 28703350 is an obvious error for a category id, but no, you actually have created categories with numbers like this in your database .. god knows why.


    Somewhere in the script of your site links are being created appending 0_ to the beginning of the cPaths USU5 assumes it will receive a valid cPath from the script and so creates a new entry/seo url for it (as requested) this is happening multiple times and creating a memory leak. [snip]


    Thanks for the update Robert.


    I don't believe that my version of oscommerce is prefixing cPath with "0_". If it consistently did this for selected categories then I could investigate specifics but the prefix is applied at random (i.e. after clearing the cache and restarting the same link may or may not have the 0_ prefix) leading me to suspect cache issues.


    I cannot risk using the contribution as is because the memory leak caused my live system to become unusable but I will try to modify the code to work around it because I would very much like to use this contribution in future.

  5. Further to the issue I reported a few weeks ago, I started getting errors that appear to be related to the cache:


    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 44 bytes) in [snip]/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/classes/Usu_Cache_FileSystem.php on line 32, referer: [snip]/create_account_success.php


    I had enabled this contribution for a few days and it appears that there are memory issues.


    Any ideas anyone?

  6. Hi I was just looking at your site and it seems like the only time it creates links with the 0_ is when you access the site that way, otherwise it shows the links correctly.


    I stopped looking as you just turned seo urls off.


    Thanks for looking at the site Robert. I had to switch it off because the extra 'ghost' category is causing problems but I can switch it on again temporarily if this helps.


    I'm fairly sure that the problem is related to the cache - possible corruption or confusion in it. This contribution works well for a while but I think the problem starts when the cache grows. We have around 4,500 products and >170 categories. Is there any limit on products/categories/cache size?


    I'm going on holidays for 2 weeks tomorrow and would love to have this working before I go so that Google et al can do their work while I'm away :)

  7. More information:


    An extract of a series of calls to your tep_href_link gives the following:


    BEFORE: index.php cPath=1010

    AFTER: http://www.omahonys.ie/catalog/children-c-1010.html


    BEFORE: index.php cPath=1030

    AFTER: http://www.omahonys.ie/catalog/college-books-c-800_1030.html


    BEFORE: index.php cPath=1050

    AFTER: http://www.omahonys.ie/catalog/dvds-cds-c-1050.html


    Note that the College Books link now has an 800 prefix yet this is a top level category. There is no category with an ID or Parent ID of 800 so I have no clue as to where that value could come from. :rolleyes:


    Finally, and most importantly, when the Seo Urls 5 cache is reset, the extra value disappears! For a while and then the problem reappears. Cache is FileSystem.

  8. Well that's strange .. is this a live site or one that I could get access to?


    Thanks for the fast response!


    You should be able to access the site directly by clicking the links in my post or else go directly to www.omahonys.ie


    The issue is now apparent under the College Books category. Sigh!


    I have written a short program to call tep_href_link for the categories and it shows the following for College Books:

    (page, parameters, connection, add_session_id) VALUES ARE index.php, cPath=1030, NONSSL,



    This indicates to me that the correct parameters are sent to your replacement tep_href_link but it is returning the url with the leading zero.

  9. Robert


    Firstly, many thanks for all the work you have put into this excellent contribution. Installation was painless and I'm looking forward to moving higher up the search rankings when our site has been revisited by the bots.


    One issue though (which may be unique to my site because I cannot find anyone with similar symptoms):


    When I hover over a category link I see the following link, as expected, on my status bar:



    When I click on the link, the following link is displayed in my address bar:



    Somehow a zero has been added to the cPath and this is having significant consequences on other parts of my site.


    This doesn't happen for all of my category links (the schoolbooks category is unique in that it has four levels) but I did see it temporarily on the Stationery category. I thought I had fixed the problem by temporarily disabling SEO URLs, clearing its cache, clearing the oscommerce categories cache and then re-enabling it. It seemed to work for a while but has reoccured again within a few hours.


    I'm using osc 2.2ms2. This problem does not occur using our internal test version!


    Any ideas or pointers? :huh:


    Thanks again for your work on this.