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  1. Chrysalis

    [Contribution] Complete Review System

    I am reinstalling the contribution. I will post the full error when/if I duplicate it. (And I was creating a test review on the client side.)
  2. Chrysalis

    [Contribution] Complete Review System

    I am getting the same tep_draw_pull_down_date() error and I have checked and doubled checked to make sure admin/includes/functions/html_output.php is the file modified. Also, I'm getting an Internal Server Error when I make a test review and click continue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this contribution and cannot figure it out. :blink:
  3. Thank you so much for this contribution. I installed it without difficulty and everything seems to be working quite well. The only thing I happened to notice is that the English for the social bookmarks at the bottom of the product_info page doesn't seem to be translating. I was able to copy the English.php file from your Better product listing and product info contribution and implemented it without any trouble. I just felt I should perhaps mention it. ;) Thank you again for all the work you did on this contribution!