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  1. JEmlay

    USPS 3 extra pounds?

    I must have spent 30 minutes looking in all those menus over and over again... good thing it wasn't a snake! Thanks!!!!
  2. JEmlay

    USPS 3 extra pounds?

    United States Postal Service (1 x 3.25lbs) I set this item as 0.25 pounds. Where is the extra 3 pounds coming from? If I set the item as 1 pound then it comes up as 4 pounds. Is it assuming packaging? What packaging weighs 3 pounds!? Can someone please enlighten me, I'd appreciate it! v2.2RC2 using default USPS module.
  3. JEmlay

    No Error when bad card....

    A couple weeks, that's not good :( I have sort of the same problem. If I put in an outright no good CC number then it tells me that # is no good. But if I put in a bogus EXP date or a bogus CVC# the transaction still captures. ??? I'm using v2.2RC2 Authorize.net AIM v1.0 w/auto capture I thought the AIM module was contacting authorize.net and getting a result code of the transaction. Is authorize.net not verifing the EXP and CVC? Is that something I need to turn on via their side? I have a charge sitting there waiting settlement to see if it actually fails with the bogus info so I'll know more... so far it's just sitting there. In the meantime, does anyone know what is going on? Thanks!