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  1. Hello all, Been working on using easypopulate to load my 4000 product database. After figuring out I had to break it up to groups under 500 to make it work I was able to upload a number of products. The only problem I keep having is the categories don't always work properly. On one import it will put the first 15 or so items in properly, create the category and populate the category. But then the rest just get added with no category or don't get added at all. I have tried many different ways of doing this and have checked that the database I am uploading has no extra fields, returns, etc to cause the burp. Any one have any ideas to make this work properly or can recommend another solution that is more consistent? Also if I want to start from scratch is there a way to scrub the database, especially of extra fields or rows that were added? I added the paypal pro module fields in the DB and want to remove them because I will be using authorize.net and don't want extra junk in the DB. Thanks in advance for the help Harry
  2. millwoodcreek

    PayPal Pro Script Upgrade Has Repositioned My Cart HTML

    How did you fix this on your site? I am having the same problem.
  3. millwoodcreek

    error messages appear in strange place

    To add more clarification: If you enter an account that doesn't exist the following line of code appears in the page with a big warning triangle: Error Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password. This would be fine as a pop up that looks professional but currently it looks like a code error. Thanks again Harry
  4. millwoodcreek

    error messages appear in strange place

    Thanks for the reply The problem is the error does not pop up it appears on the page in a different color and includes the line of code that has the problem. It just looks completely unprofessional. A pop up would be fine but a line of code appearing in a page looks like an error on the site. Any ideas how to hide these? Thanks Harry
  5. Hello all, I installed a template and am setting up my site at www.mostunusual.com. The problem I am having is some error messages are appearing with the triangle icon and describe the problem but it looks like a mistake on the page. I noticed it first when you try to log in if you don't have an account. Does anyone know how to fix these type of error problems so they either pop up or print code properly on the page? Thanks Harry