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  1. Hi I love the concept of your contribution and immediately integrated it into the project I am working on and it looks great. However, I Have a problem with oscThumb. when I click to enlarge an image the fancybox script does what it is told but oscthumb gives me the effect of opening an image in notepad. Ive searched the forums as best i can and overviewed both the support forums of oscThumb and Unlimited images to no avail. I am hosted with siteground and from everything ive read, they have the GD library installed. http://test.blingsandrings.com.au and enter product info to see what I mean. Because this is a problem with oscThumb i can understand if u cannot help me but ur obviosly experienced in this area and can maybe point me in a positive direction. Cheers!!! Bryan
  2. Hi guys This is my first post. I've been working with osCommerce 2x for a couple of months now....using the many thousands of tips and contributions built by this community. I think i now have enough knowledge of this wonderfully versatile software, that id ilke to join the community and give a little back. However before I have time to do this i need to push forward my site and go live....... For my site to function correctly, ive installed PAPs (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5456) to display product pictures. I may get a warehouse clearance of say 10 necklaces that are ALL different so i installed Quantity for Product Attributes Mod (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3302). My PROBLEM is that i cannot get paps to check the quantity and only display pictures of the stock that is left of that product I can see it is quite an easy line or two of code for those in the know, but i am not a programmer so i relunctantly have to ask for help. I hope my question can help others also please help. Ive asked for help at OSS (developer of PAPs) but ill have to pay for that but what i am figuring, this open source community has helped me right up until now so hopefully i can overcome this obstacle and go live ASAP..... Looking forward to being apart of such a wonderful ongoing project :) Cheers Bryan