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  1. Ok, I installed the Ultimate SEO version 2.2....... onto my server, now I'd like to know how to drive customers to my particular website. Do I not have to add some sort of keywords, or codewords pertaining to my particular products somewhere in there? For instance; what if a customer goes to a search engine somewhere and puts in "RC airplanes" or something pertaining to my particular products, how is the search engine going to know to put my website in the list that comes up for the customer? That's my question!
  2. culley


    Here is my original email to Jack, I would like to ask the same question about my set-up to anyone out there who will help! Sooooo, same question, same situation... HELP!!! Thanks ahead of time. Jim "Hi Jack, I downloaded and loaded the SEO you created some time ago (sometime this year) and I would like to know if I'm applying it correctly? Maybe it's supposed to change the keywords in my HTML file, maybe within my index.PHP file, I do not know, the fact is; I don't know how to see if it is working as it should be! Here's the proceedure I followed and so here's my question. I uploaded "headertags_seo_install.php" into my "/public html/Shop/" directory and then went to my website, typed in "http://www.culleysaerowerks.com/headertags_seo_install.php" and hit return (actually, my webhost support person did it first) he said he was curious, but yes he said he received a success message because when I did it I got some sort of error. Then I went to the catalog instructions and FTP'd the folder and files, "catalog_for_new_shop_only_RC2" to my "/public html/Shop" directory and have not proceeded further! I read the instructions and it says to learn if I have an "STS or BTS" shop by looking to see if I have one of the listed directory structures; I have neither Jack! At this point I am very confussed, I am not a code writer or interpretor by trade, so what is my next step Jack; will you please outline a simple proceedure for me to follow so I can complete this proceedure... or is it complete already? I can answer any question you may have to help clarify this situation." Thanks Jack, Jim "Free support is only available through the forums. Please feel free to post your questions there. Jack"
  3. culley

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I did a search asking for ways to get my web page visited using search engines. I am a total newby at this so I'm going to ask you if I'm interpreting this correctly so far. Jack, I looked inside your file named "My Contributions" on the left side of this page and it looked to me, that somewhere in there must be a routine that will install a set of variables to a number of my files within my store folder, am I correct so far? So if this is true, how exactly, within steps 1, 2, 3... etc. am I supposed to accomplish this task correctly? I can read all about this stuff on this page, and many others, but I have no clue as to what I'm supposed to do to add it to my files! Told you I was a total newby at this! :o) I can see by what people are writing here that you have contributed greatly to a lot of stores out there and for that I will thank you also since I'm sure there are a lot more greatful people out there like me, than super duper code writers out there like you! The rest of us are very greatful for people like you, so thanks so very much Jack. p.s. I don't even know how to set up the payment modules built into osComerce, but I'm learning; how's that for a newby!!! Sad huh! Thanks again, Jim Henriksen Culleys AeroWerks