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  1. ashlyn

    PayPal IPN?

    I am so confused about this IPN contribution. Using 2.2 and paypal_ipn_1.2.1_0 Client asked me to install this because the usual paypal module (while working ok), was sending customers back to the login page at the website, and losing the orders in admin and customer account. So, I've installed the IPN module, and it seems to be ok.. just have a couple of questions. Got the paypal public key .pem from the paypal site. Got the client site public and private keys (via the "Manage OpenPGP Keys" tool), and have pasted them all into the blank .pem files which came with the contribution. Paypal would not let me upload my key, even though it was a .pem file (said that it had to be a .pem file)?????? I don't have a paypal Public cert ID, because of the this. The .pem file should be a bunch of coded stuff yes? Does this look right? -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (GNU/Linux) XYZ123 etc etc etc -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- I think I'm almost there.. just frustrated as hell right now :( Any helps, tips, gurus.. please? Much appreciated.. Thanks
  2. ashlyn

    Shipping Insurance?

    For your comments and advice. It's a UK site, so the USPS contribution doesn't really help. It's for finicky client who says that several items have gone missing in the post (her site has only been open a few months and the orders are not rolling in just yet. Another UK site has had not one single problem in over a year!) I might just get her to change her shipping info page to reflect this.. Thanks again
  3. ashlyn

    Making Contributions easy to install

    I've found that most contributions are relatively easy to work, and I've done carts for UK and US based businesses (I'm in Australia), but I can't work that Wishlist out for the life of me! Life would be too easy if everything was that simple.. :wink:
  4. Has anyone thought of this option? A customer could choose insurance or not during the checkout process. It would add a set amount onto the final total and write it to the order. Yes, I've been asked :lol:
  5. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    I didn't think it would work like that. I was just going by the initial bit of code posted.. I guess if it works, go with it :shock:
  6. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    I just noticed, in the screen shot you sent me, you have Dace#46;Mfg instead of Dace.Mfg You left out the &
  7. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    Try it without the space after WebSlingers. and Dace.Mfg. So it would look like this.. <a href="http://www.dace.com" target="_blank">'.Dace.Mfg.'</a> I don't use Dreamweaver, but I'm guessing that a mistake turns the line a different colour until the code is fixed? Sorry I can't help you more with this, I'm just learning the code myself :cry:
  8. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    Sure. wolfmoon@optushome.com.au
  9. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    I couldn't see your screenshot. Got a "file not found"
  10. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    Like this... Dace.Mfg It should show as Dace.Mfg
  11. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    Try typing in . instead of the .
  12. ashlyn

    Category Descriptions

    Just wondering if you got an answer to your question? I have had all sorts of problems with that contribution and need help too!
  13. ashlyn

    adding links in right column

    Have you tried '<a href=" http://www.dacemfg.com" target="_blank">'.Dace. '</a><br>' ); You also have a space after the href=" which shouldn't be there..