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  1. shawtham

    Request help in shipping

    Hi I have been looking up and down for a plugin / method so that I could configure my flower shop to ship products within one state of Malaysia only, and also able to take International Order. Could anyone point me to the right direction? Or is there already a built-in function in v2.2 which I have overlooked? Please advice. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Shaw
  2. shawtham

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Hi, it is me again, I digged into the sql file,, found that the price listing is there,, just the script refuse to show up the price.....any idea? Regards, Shaw
  3. shawtham

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Hi Surfalot, I did the file replacement from /2_files_to_compare/ from Section "C. FILES MODIFICATION (EDIT)" from install readme.txt. and I have modified the files as requested from D. More FILES MODIFICATION (Search and Replace).... Hmmm.. still can't get the price up,,, even the default DVD section also no price...... Perhaps I shall do everything again.....? Regards, Shaw
  4. shawtham

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    HI JSR, Greta Module you got ! I managed to installed it after a few trial and error.. However, the product price would not get displayed in the catalog or goes into the shopping cart. Can check it out here: http://www.gardenofsenses.com.my/catalog/index.php Please advice and thanks in advance of your help ! Regards, Shaw