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  1. Actually, got it all working, then some hacker managed to get into the database and wipe all the data out. I restored the pages, but there was no data backup - except the table structure was all there including the tables for heard about us. Now the Heard About Us item on the sign-up page won't show but the code is there (haven't changed any code from it previously working), and there is no-where in the admin to view or add heard about us items like there was before. Any help - if the tables still exist, and the pages have been updated according to instructions (and were working before being hacked) - what have I missed, Help!!!
  2. I installed this extension and got it working all fine - then a hacker managed to do a delete on all the data in the tables - but there was no damage to the website files and the database tables were all still there including the ones created for Hear About Us. But now, after entering data back in to get the main site up and running again, the hear about us option is not showing on the checkout page, and there is now no admin section to add any items or report on them. I went through the install instructions again but it just said to modify the pages (which were already done) and to run the mysql script - which I did . But still nothing - what have I missed - help. Cheers
  3. Hi Installed this great mod - everything working fine on the frontend - can select a heard about us item, and I checked the database and the tables are there with the entry but in the admin site when I go to customers I get this following error: I am lost from this point on - any ideas on why this happens. It also happens if I go to reports. Also where do I go to change the Heard About Us items in the admin site? Cheers ------------------------------ Customers 1146 - Table 'xxxxx.TABLE_SOURCES' doesn't exist select sources_name from TABLE_SOURCES where sources_id = '0' [TEP STOP] ---------------------