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  1. quick question.. just checked out your instructions here... am I to copy the entire folder or catlog by it self and is to be pasted in what directory?
  2. I appriciate your response and yes I should have downloaded it before asking for support however I've downloaded about 6 different cart software in the past week trying to find something with support so I figured it good to ask first this time... I'll be better able to upload it when I get home from work and Ill check it out. Appriciate the contribution... Rob Slippey
  3. scott, Im here woundering if better together can do something (or maybe even your zencart module) I have a friend who is in the graphics business and came up with about 60 bumper stickers and wants to sell them online. He came to me for the tech stuff ... He is pretty set in how he wants them sold.... 1 for $3 3 for $5 and so on... obviously this needs to be accross all of the stickers... not just 1 sticker. example ... if you buy A,B,C you pay $5 same with Z,D, E ... whichever stickers you buy .. if you buy 3 the price is $5 Does that make sense? and did I give it justice in my explaination... I like oscommerce but we are looking to get this site up and running as soon as possible so Im open to other software ideas if you know of such capability. Thanks Rob
  4. Is it possible to discount different items.. example... just to add to the explination, the site is going to be selling bumper stickers(yes most are pretty funny) each sticker has a different saying If someone buys 1 my price is $3 however if someone buys 3 I need to discount it to $5... (but obviously no one is going to buy 3 of the same kind their goin to pick 3 different saying... I hope I explained that right... Thanks Rob Thanks Rob