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    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    How do I charge tax for individual vendors or can I? Example: California shopper buys from a California vendor they get charged California tax, but if the California buyer purchases from a Arizona vendor (or another state) they shouldn't get taxed. I set my Taxes up correctly in OSCommerce, but the problem is the buyer from California always gets taxed whether buying from California or not. surprised nobody asked this... i looked through the posts and read all the literature that came with the module and couldn't find my answer basically taxes should only be paid if a buyer is in a vendor's state
  2. Silver Captain

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    This is confusing because radio buttons are for only one selection while checkboxes are used for multiple selections. I understand the way OSCommerce works, but there is a contribution that allows multiple "Product Options" selections. And another contribution that adds checkboxes for multiple "Product Options" selections. If you do some research you can find them in the contributions. But this contribution can work wonderfully for any possible scenario you have and it is easy to understand. The scenario is pizza with product options' toppings... OSCommerce's structure is... 1. Product Options 2. Option Types 3. Product Attributes So a "Product Option" (1) would be a topping like "Pepperoni" Then Option Types (2) would be "Yes" ("Yes" can be used over and over with other different "Product Options") Then your Product Attribute (3) would be "Pepperoni" with "Yes" and fill in the price On the front end it will look like --- "Pepperoni: []" a checkbox without title AND it doesn't matter how many Option Types assigned to Pepperoni with checkbox it will only display a [] (box) without a title. If a Radio Button is used instead of a checkbox the front view is "Pepperoni: O Yes O No" without a bubble checked AND when a bubble is clicked the bubble can only be "cleared" by selecting another bubble in the Product Option series (for instance if the "Yes bubble" is filled in it can only be cleared by clicking "filling in" the "No bubble". Once a selection is made in radio button series it cannot be undone, but checkboxes can be unchecked. So the No does not need to be used, only the Yes (and "Yes" can be any text) for checkboxes. And radio buttons are used similar as the default dropdown with only one selection possible.
  3. Silver Captain

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    explanation on the difference of $_POST and $HTTP_POST_VARS $_POST is new since PHP version 4.1.0 $HTTP_POST_VARS is the old version of PHP if you are still using PHP versions before 4.1.0 in your newer PHP versions the register_long_arrays might be turned off which need to be turned on to support the older version $HTTP_POST_VARS but zappo is right in that $_POST is the new way
  4. Silver Captain

    Faster Page Loads

    session errors in functions, cache errors in functions, errors with headers already sent ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// followed instructions exactly and got many errors, also noticed others were getting same errors ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// don't know if this is it but the values in the configuration_group and configuration tables were not created the only sql attached was to uninstall these values delete from configuration_group where configuration_group_title = 'Configuration Cache'; delete from configuration where configuration_key like 'CONFIG_CACHE_%'; optimize table configuration;
  5. Silver Captain

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    for oscommerce-2.2rc2a the $_POST (s) should be changed to $HTTP_POST_VARS
  6. Silver Captain

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    The fix for is approximately line 136 in the products_attributes.php file (found in the admin folder) $pov2po = tep_db_fetch_array($optionType_query); change to... $pov2po = tep_db_fetch_array($pov2po_query); Special Thanks to Zappo and thanks to everybody who volunteers to improve OSCommerce and the Open Source concept. Many as one can turn the earth.
  7. Silver Captain


    around line 146 change the following in admin/coupon_admin.php $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id($query); to $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id();
  8. Silver Captain

    Article Manager v1.0

    i had the same problem with Cross Sell Topics To Products not showing the page after clicking the ADD/REMOVE link when i moved the site to a new server and i looked at both servers registered globals and sure enough the old server had them on and the new doesn't so i hoping this is it BUT i am concerned with using registered globals because i heard bad things about them SO i was wondering if it is possible to write new code so we don't have to have the registered globals on thanks for the great contrib
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  10. Silver Captain


    IMAGES NOT SHOWING RIGHT BECAUSE OF PATH thanks for the contribution... i know php programming, just don't want to hunt down the problem, this is the problem when adding an image it lists the path as /userfiles/images/whateverimage.jpg therefore it does not register in the editor because the path does not exist so when i change $Config['UserFilesPath'] in the config.php file to the full path (like http://mydomain.com/catalog/userfiles/) the image will show in the editor but when saved it puts /catalog/admin/ on the front so the path now looks like /catalog/admin/\" http://mydomain.com/catalog/userfiles/imag...jpg\" there is a problem with putting the right addition on the front of the /userfiles/ i am using FCKeditor_1.2_1